10 Best iPad Apps for Movie/TV Buffs

Many experts have dubbed the iPad as a “consumption device”. And though this notion is not 100% true, providing media to its discerning consumers (e.g., social, movies) has certainly been one of the major preoccupations of the Cupertino-manufacturer’s i-tablet.

For those who want to make the most of their movie/TV experience on their iPad and are certified aficionados, here are the best apps get your cravings satisfied, be it for an Arnold-Schwarzenegger flick or the latest news on your fave stars’ upcoming movie.


Of course, setting your i-device on an iPad keyboard case may make your viewing experience more of a roller-coaster ride.


TED is food for the giants. If you want access to personalities of today, the movers and shakers of society as we know it, and get to have a piece of their mind, get TED on your i-device. TED connects you to tech stalwarts like Steve Jobs or the latest boy wonder in town. And if you want something to “jazz” up your day, get Tony Robbins on.


Frequency is a video aggregator that speaks of excellence. Just chose your fave website (e.g., The Onion, Space.com) to complete you list of channels. Voila! You can then go through videos from these diverse sources. It just makes watching videos a lot more pleasurable.


Now not only gets to arrange your videos from different sources, it gets them arranged according to subjects (i.e., Movies, Tech, Music). If titles don’t matter much to you and you want to stream videos ASAP, this app is heaven-sent. In a lot of ways this app behaves like your regular TV. Downside: tracking down specific videos may become a little bit of a challenge.


This is another video aggregator. But what could provide this app an edge over the rest is simplicity. Rather than making the complex even more complicated, Showyou simplifies the interface and allows you to enjoy your fave video in no time.


Broadcast TV/Cable Networks

This list would not be complete without iPad apps from broadcast TV to cable networks. Most of these channels (e.g., HBO) come with a companion app. Even Verizon FIOS sport such apps.


As a streaming video service, FunnyorDie.com can easily become your fastest way to getting laughter into your everyday. With HD version available, putting your stream unto TV can definitely make your day easily.


YouTube was default until iOS 6. Downloading the improved version from the App store can be timely for superior interface and better-quality videos.

 Hulu Plus

For starters, this app comes with a monthly subscription and many cried foul especially with all the commercials during video playback. But if you’re talking about a great movie experience, Hulu Plus can be your best bet. Just don’t expect the video out support to your TV to work though.


Netflix definitely has its downside, but there is one area where it can be called king: video streaming on your iPad. Given the app’s support for the video out functionality, enjoying your best movies on your TV is a breeze. Of course, Netflix comes with a price, $ 7.99 to be exact.


Crackle is certainly not a pushover, even though it’s one of the newest-kid-on-the-block among kindred apps. For one simple reason: it’s free. And we believe we should put that word all-caps. Not only it the app 100% free to download, its premier movies and TV shows comes at no cost at all. A start-up by the entertainment giant Sony, Crackle shines with its excellent programming made specifically for its viewer’s viewing pleasure.