10 Apps for an Entrepreneur to try

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to find an app which can help you, you might not know which ones should be downloaded. Here are a couple of apps which an entrepreneur should have on their smartphone, tablet or Android device.


If you want to improve your English language skills, Voxy can help. English is the business language of the world and the Voxy app can improve your English skills if you are a native Spanish speaker. Teaching everyday phrases, you could learn a common English phrase in-between meetings.


Google Wallet

A credit card can be used to pay for anything you want. However, if you don’t want to carry your credit card with you, the Google Wallet app can help if your smartphone is enabled with near field communication. After registering with this app, you select the card which will be used to pay for something and then tap your phone onto a NFC checkout register. It doesn’t matter if you lose your phone because Google’s servers can be disabled in order to stop your personal information from being stolen.


If you buy many items online but find it difficult to track every purchase, the Slice app can help. This is because it stores all of the emails which confirm your purchases. By accessing the Slice app, you can see all of your purchases at once.

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps has changed the way in which people get from one location to another. Although the iPhone has its own map function, Google Maps is preferred by entrepreneurs because it can tell them what the quickest route to their destination is.


If you want to view large files when you are commuting but don’t have access to your desktop computer, Dropbox can help. By moving the files from your desktop computer onto Dropbox, they can be viewed offline and also when you are in a WiFi hotspot.

Google Drive

This app is an alternative to Dropbox and it can connect to many other computers than your desktop. As it is a cloud-based app, Google Drive enables you to connect to your friend’s computers or phone. As files are saved every time they are edited, you won’t have to save them yourself because this app does it for you.


The Skype app has changed the way in which the world communicates. As business meetings can take place on the Skype app, entrepreneurs can keep in contact with their clients at no charge. Even if you dial a landline number, you only have to pay minimal charges per minute.


Twitter enables you to make new contacts. Many businesses now have their own twitter account and you can tweet them directly. When you download the Twitter app, you can send tweets on your lunch break or when you’re travelling on the Tube.


The business equivalent of Facebook, the LinkedIn app enables entrepreneurs to make connections with businesses. As your LinkedIn circle increases, you could connect to a very important client. The LinkedIn app can also connect to your twitter account. Therefore, your connections can see every tweet which you send.

My Receipt Manager

The My Receipt Manager app can manage your expenses because it can store digital copies of your receipts, invoices, contracts and purchase orders. If your accountant asks for copies of your expenses, you won’t spend a lot of time on finding them because they will be stored on this very helpful app.

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