Your Hosting Location – Learn more about it

iPage HostingAnyone in the world with Internet can access your web site, so why would the location of your web host provider matter? The location of your web host service is relevant in the performance of your web site. A hosting location is where the data centers or web servers hosting the applications or websites are physically located.



In general, the pages of your web site will load faster if your site visitor is geographically closer to the web server location. If your web site’s target audience is from Southeast Asia, then it would be a good idea to find a web hosting provider inSingaporeorMalaysia, depending on your choice.  Be aware of the location of the web servers of your host, as they may not be the same. Many web hosting providers, particularly in Asia, Europe, and Australia, co-locate or rent their servers in another part of the world due to cost and connectivity reasons.


Customer/ Tech Support

It is a good idea to find out how exactly your web host provider can be reached in case of inquiries or problems, and in what country the customer/tech support is located. Being able to communicate with your web host is important, so both parties need to be able to speak the same language. Also know the time zone difference of your web host, especially if customer support is not 24/7. Being able to reach your web host provider via a phone or live chat is good too in case you need to solve a problem immediately.


Search Engine Rankings

The location of your web host affects your search engine ranking especially if you are targeting local visitors. Major search engines such as Google and Yahoo can determine your web site’s country by where the web servers are hosted based on its IP address location.


Your web site is ranked according to domain extension and the location of the web servers.

If your web site is hosted atSingapore, GoogleSingaporewill likely rank your web site higher than in Since the location of your web server is inSingapore, Google assumes that it targets the Singaporean audience. Now if, for example, your web host suddenly relocates its web servers toGermany, your search ranking at GoogleSingaporewill likely decrease over time.


Payment and Currency

You must take into consideration the currency the web host service uses. It is ideal to find a web host service that offers prices in U.S. dollars, or in your local currency. Calculating exchange rates and credit card fees for dealing with a different currency can become very costly. Make certain that you know exactly how much you will be paying and what you are paying for. An international web host provider offering the cheapest rates may not necessarily be the better choice, if you have to deal with all the other hassles.


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