Your Easiest Solution of Making Your Website with WebSelf

WebSelf is a website builder that requires no technical knowledge. Customizing the site is easy and there are many modules, or functions, available. Although at first your site does not have a shop, it’s nice to know that you can add one later without having to change the software or redo everything. Technical support is also free of charge and available to guide you online or by phone.

Many tools exist to create a website. WebSelf is an online tool that allows you to make your own website easily without the need to download any software. No technical knowledge is required to use this website creation tool. This article will introduce you to WebSelf and ints functionality.

Online tool

An oline tool for creating your site is very convenient since there is no software to download, no installation prior to do and all the site’s data is available from any computer connected to the Internet. This allows multiple people to work on the same site from different computers without them having to exchange the latest files from web pages. It also allows you to edit your website from anywhere in the world.
WebSelf is an online tool that has proved to be very useful for creating the website of an association, a small business, individual or any other structure that requires a web presence without the financial means to hire a web agency. It is also well designed and ease to use. Registration is fast and with just a few clicks, you can customize the design, logo, images and text.


On a WebSelf website, it’s possible to add textual content as well as a multitude of different media (videos, photos, music …). The customization of a a WebSelf website also offers following features:
• Modules: text, images, photo gallery, map, downloads …
• Ability to add Javascript and HTML scripts. This allows a more knowledgeable user to ass a video or audio player or any features to might be a bit more advanced.
• add a form, a guestbook or survey to yout site easily
• Ability to add a blog to the site
• The possibility to have a multilingual website to share the content of the site to internationally
• And much more …

Create an online store

It is possible to create an online store with this tool. This is easily achievable with an e-shop module and therefore it’s added to the existing site. Knowing the explosion of e-commerce in the world right now, it’s very appropriate to have a single tool that can make a website and add some “shop online” features. This module features credit card (via PayPal), bank transfer or check payments.
Also, it’s worth taking note that WebSelf takes no commission on sales. This ensures a better profit margin & avoid additional charges, try WebSelf now.