WordPress Vs Blogspot: Reasons Why to Use WordPress

The world of blogs is an all-encompassing part of the internet. Seemingly everything popular and hip on the internet has some connection to the blog band. Some of the biggest bands made popular by the internet have some nice reviews from popular blogs and blog sites (like Pitchfork, the National Public Radio Music blog and any number of college radio station and magazine blogs) to thank for their sudden rise in the music world.


These days, t.v. shows and movies are made and broken through the feedback they get from well-respected blogs in the industry. Bloggers themselves have become prominent members of the entire media community, and whether that is good or bad remains to be seen- as the popularity and widespread use of blogs is relatively new on the scene. This relative newness (blogs in some form or another have pretty much been around since the invention of the internet) of the blog has mostly to do with new sites that have popped up over the last 5 years, which are designed specifically for blog publication. These sites are free and anyone can use them, which has lead to the widespread use and availability of blogs. There are two sites is particular which have attracted the largest audiences of both readers and writers (a.k.a bloggers,) and these two sites are WordPress and Blogspot. They each have their fans and their detractors, but WordPress has really taken over the scene lately, and here is why WordPress is actually a better blog site.


WordPress is better because…it is more niche-oriented

A successful blog is all about finding a niche and meeting those needs of the niche. This is the name of the game when it comes to being a blogger. And when it comes to being a blog reader, you want to easily find blogs dedicated to your interests, and therefore address the niche in which you belong. In this sense WordPress is better than Blogspot for both blog writers and blog readers because it offers the “fresh pressed” feature.


…it has “pingbacks”

Pingbacks are when you can re-post a blog post onto your blog, which comes in very handy if you like to share things that you like with other readers. The blog world is a lot like a food chain, in which an original source of information tends to work its way down to chain, and inform everyone else in the process.


…comment management is better

In the blog world, the troll is the enemy. The troll is the people that just leave stupid, inane and generally distasteful remarks on the comment sections of blogs, which very rarely add anything to the discussion and just seek to annoy, misinform or generally destroy the whole point of the entire blog post. WordPress offers a great way to weed these people out and keep your blog comment section as troll-free as humanly possible.


Xavier writes freelance in his spare time on many topics including IL colleges.