Why Verizon Aims New Data Package at Global Travelers

Verizon communications is a name known for their state-of-the-art services and avant-garde cell phones they have brought to the phone world. Being the second largest US phone company, Verizon has come a long way since its inception. From the latest to the greatest, the name promises the best of everything that the cellular world has to offer. Verizon has always emerged as the smart choice of users, catering to everything from the most mediocre to exceptional consumer interests.

With their focus on aligning consumer expectations with company’s goals, Verizon has earned a reputation others can only dream of. Verizon has never failed to stir an interest among consumers by introducing services acutely aimed at making lives easier. Taking convenience a step ahead, this time Verizon has furnished ease for users by unveiling their remarkable data package for global travelers.

On the momentous day of April 18th, 2012, Verizon wireless amused the world yet again with the announcement of roaming service specifically for travelers promising them all the convenience they can ask for. In addition to Verizon, broadbandexpert.com/cable/ is one such wireless internet provider.

With the summer just around the corner, everyone is contemplating a vacation to get a break from all the chronic humdrum of life. But does a holiday entail that you have to sacrifice staying in touch with your family and friends? With Verizon, you will never have to worry about it. Making international headlines, their global data plan is giving consumers one-of-a-kind chance to stay connected whenever they want, wherever they are.

Starting from 23rd April, the new data plan allows users to purchase a bandwidth of 25 MB for prices as low as $25. Internet use while traveling has always been an issue of concern for travel enthusiasts. Verizon has truly stricken a chord with users as it brings them a service that is not just inexpensive but is available in 120 countries as well.

While one may debate that the rate is much higher as compared to what one has to pay for data in the United States, one cannot deny the fact that it is a cheap alternative as compared to all the other available options.

Verizon gives customers the facility to check emails, browse the web and update social networks as they travel from one country to another. Since the service is available for a wide array of countries, you can easily expect the service to feature the country you are travelling to as the list incorporates the most highly sought-after travel destinations such as South America, The Caribbean, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the list goes on and on.

As far as the pricing and availability details are concerned, they go as follows. Consumers can purchase 100 MB of data at the rate of $25 per month. In order to buy internet bandwidth, users should have domestic data package and international eligibility. This international eligibility implies that the customer should satisfy the required minimum payment history.

There may be instances when 100 MB of bandwidth will not be sufficient for the user. In such cases, once users have exceeded their initial data allotment, they will be notified of the additional 100 MB internet for the same cost that has been provided to them.

One may ask what will happen if a country you are traveling to does not comes under the covered ones. In such a scenario, if the country is listed under the Verizon wireless global coverage areas then the user will be charged at a rate of $0.02 per KB for using the internet.

Helping users manage their traveling needs, Verizon makes unbelievable resources and tools available to consumers so as to alleviate their holiday experience. What further sweetens the deal is that if you have been with the carrier for quite sometime, you are not only offered the convenience of unlocking your phone but can also get a sim card issued from the country you are traveling to.

While one may comment that all this will take some planning and hassle, one cannot deny that one can save some hard-earned cash through it, especially those with heavy data-usage requirements. With service providers like Verizon and broadband cable, you can put all your worries regarding internet usage to rest.