Why Some Businesses Have Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers are phone numbers to which customers may make collect calls. Collect calls are calls that are charged to the party receiving the call. In this case, you. This is very convenient for customers because they don’t pay even a single cent for the calls they make especially if it happens to be a very short call. Customers may make calls using a landline phone or smartphone.

Now, why do many businesses like yours have these numbers to which customers may make collect calls? One reason is customers often feel the need to inquire about a product or a service. Getting complete information is very important to customers because they would like to get their money’s worth when they purchase a product or avail of a service offered by a company. This is why many businesses have a PBX or virtual office so as to allow them to handle all incoming calls at the same time. These calls are handled by office assistants who received the calls in the field through the use of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.


Customers also need a way through which they can make known their complaints or suggestions about a company’s product or service. By making calls to phone numbers to which they make collect calls, businesses like yours come to know the level of satisfaction of your customers. Through the calls they make, you get ideas of how to improve the products or services that you offer your customers so that they would continue patronizing your product or service.

Another reason businesses have phone numbers to which customers can make collect calls is to make it easy for customers to order products or services without them paying even a single cent. Whether you like it or not, customers usually reserve their phone expenditures for social calls, that is, calls that they make to their friends and loved ones. They don’t like the idea of spending a large sum of money just to order products or services from a business establishment such as yours. That is why businesses with toll numbers stay on top of the competition.

Most businesses believe that having phone numbers to which customers can make calls helps entice those living in faraway places to make those important calls. It also helps them save money that they usually spend when they make long distance calls. Customers who live too far away from your business location are often hesitant to call up your business phone number because they avoid incurring charges for long distance calls. But with numbers they can call for free, those customers may inquire and order as much as they want. In doing so, your sales increase more and you enjoy bigger profits or revenues.

Numbers that customers could call for free also serve as some sort of an identity for a business establishment such as yours. When customers see your 1-800 phone numbers on billboards, on TV, or on the pages of a newspaper or magazine, they immediately recognize those as phone numbers belonging to a company that provides quality products and services to their customers. It is also for this reason that most business opt for customized or vanity numbers such as 1-800-PANCAKE to help customers recognize and remember the company’s phone numbers.