Why Samsung Galaxy S3 is the Best Smartphone

Recent report from Strategy Analytics revealed that since it was released May of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S3 quickly became the best-selling smartphone in the world.  The popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is due to the great features that it has.  In fact, this phone toppled down Apple’s iPhones.  It seems that only the drop test between the iPhone 5 is where this handset failed because it is mostly made from plastic.  Those who are using this handset could swear on how effective it is as a work phone.  In fact, those who have subscribed to RingCentral email to fax attest on how fast it is in sending emails and other pertinent work files from the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone to the typical office fax machine.  If you are curious on why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered to be the best smartphone by its users, here’s why:

samsung galaxy s3The design of the S3

As expected, the Galaxy S3 has a large screen display at 4.8 inches screen and has a total size of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm.  It lives up to what Samsung claims for it to be – a smartphone that sees, listens, responds, and will truly enable you to share the greatest moments in your cellphone.  Though Samsung says it is inspired by nature, when you hold the Samsung S3 in your hands, nature will be the last thing on your mind because of how technologically advanced it is.  Despite the huge size of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is relatively light at 133 g.

The storage and memory capacity of the S3

The 2GB RAM and the 16 GB that is already packed in each of the Samsung Galaxy S3 phones is simply impressive.  For those who need to store a lot on their phones, there is a removable micro SD card slot that allows the storage capacity to be increased at 64 GB.  Another great thing that the users of the S3 love is that there is an expandable storage.  This is just perfect for work use.

The camera of the S3

Of course, everybody is curious on what the camera of the S3 will boast of.   It is at 8 MP / 1080 p that has smile detection, blink detection and can do contrast and blurring too.   The zero shutter lag feature is great for continuous shots.    You can also do face zoom by tapping on a face when you want to focus on someone who is in the crowd.  The camera will immediately focus on that person.

The OS of the S3

Just like the other Samsung Galaxy Series of phones, the S3 is powered by Android.  But, take note, this is not just your typical Android, the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is in every unit of the S3.  This is also over-layed with the Touch Wiz UI interface.  It brings your touchscreen experience on a whole new level.  The S Voice is also significantly improved and can function almost like the iPhone’s Siri.

To be honest, I find it absurdly impractical to purchase the more expensive iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 when Samsung Galaxy S3 has all the features that Apple’s flagship phone has.  All of the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are very much content with the performance of their phones.  You really don’t have to wonder why it is currently rated by most of the gadget critics as the “best smartphone” in the market.