Why iPad mini may not have cellular capabilities

A war has been declared between the major tablet manufacturing companies of United States that is Apple, Google and Amazon and they are giving a tough competition to each other by armoring their products with cutting edge features. However, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7 has posed a serious challenge to the Apple’s range of Tablets by offering their product at a much cheaper price but having many advanced features. To combat this serious threat, the Who’s who of Apple has taken the decision to launch iPad mini which is a miniature version of the extremely popular iPads from the same brand.


Why iPad mini?

Though Apple products have created a niche for itself in the market and it has its loyalist brand building advocates who are constantly spreading words about the progressive features of the iPad among other potential customers, but one important thing that every buyer needs to consider before investing on a product is budget. And in this respect Apple’s competitors have outshined it by offering the same product at an economical price. Thereby, the decision makers of the renowned MNC had to take a resolution to regain its position in the market. Thus they have taken the decision to launch iPad mini which will be offered to the prospective clientele at a much competitive price. Moreover, this product is based on the same technology as its forerunner iPad 2, thereby having almost identical features.


Probably no cellular capabilities

The primary motive behind launching this miniature version of iPad is to compete with the important market players as far as the price of the device is concerned. Therefore, the entrepreneurs of Apple have taken the decision to launch the iPad mini at around 200 USD. But this has obviously come at a price. In all probabilities, the iPad mini will not have cellular capacities. Internet can be accessed from this chic device only through Wi Fi. But it is quite unbelievable that Apple is adapting such frugal means to augment its clientele.


Reasons for compromising with the cellular capabilities

Since the price of iPad mini will be slashed down to less than half the price of the iPad 2, it is understandable that they need to compromise with some of the features as well. Moreover, since this device is going to be approximately 7 inch is length it will be difficult to embrace all the features in this petite device. Therefore, the developers have taken the decision to provide this device with only one alternative for internet connectivity.


Things to remember

But one thing that Apple developers cannot ignore is that its competitor Google and Amazon are providing at a much lesser price without compromising with any of its advanced features. Therefore, it is important for the developers at Apple to remember that along with price they need to give the gadget lovers other reasons as well for investing in this device as Amazon’s Kindle Fire costs only 159 USD and it is being provided with many cutting edge features as well.

However the who’s who of Apple will definitely apply the secret technique that it has so far used for making their product an instant hit i.e. marketing. There would be no exception in this regard as far as iPad mini is concerned. They will showcase their latest range of tablet that is iPad mini before the potential buyers in such a way that they will instantaneously fall in love with it. One thing that cannot be ignored by the potential consumers is the brand name “Apple” and for many of aficionados the brand name is enough as they full faith in this California based enterprise.


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