Why Do You Need An iPad For Your Office?

There are so many gadgets that are out in the market today. One of which is the famous Apple iPad. After its release, many other companies produced techie tablets with competitive features. But this gadget remains to be one of the people’s favorite. Many people purchase this for a lot of purpose. It can be used in schools, at home, and of course, in offices. Employees today find their work easy with use of this gadget’s features. Let’s find out how iPad turns the life of an employee a touch away to convenience.

officeforipad screen shot

Physical features

Tired of bringing your laptop to the office? Well, iPad says: Stop being a handyman! With a size of 9.5 inches x 7.3 in, and a weight of 5.44 pounds, iPad sweeps away the nightmares of having stiff necks and heavy backpacks for carrying laptops to the office. The iPad is also a space saver. Without consuming a lot of desk space, it gives an opportunity to perform office tasks using one hand as a support and a finger to touch its screen. With this type of gadget, employees can now put up other different important materials such as books, folders, files, and other things needed for work above the desk instead of using the space for laptops and desktops that consume almost half of the space.


Easily downloadable applications used for business and office work can be found in the App Store. To give you a better idea, below are three of the most popular ones.

Keynote offers creative templates, tools, and animations that can be used to produce presentations. This application features different themes that create visual presentations for reports and other business purposes. Now, slideshows and presentations are made easy by just touch, drag, and slide!

Pages allows employees to documents business letters, flyers, invitations using Apple-designed themes and templates.

Numbers lets employees to create spreadsheets and illustrate tables and figures to present organized data. Numbers and figures can be easily organized anytime and anywhere with this spreadsheet app. Employees can now enjoy dragging and tapping the screen of this gadget to solve number problems and to create graphs with different built in templates.

There are a lot of other applications available for downloading. Some of my personal favorites include the DropBox, RingCentral business phone app and the classic Angry Birds for my downtime (just don’t tell my boss). All these make work more efficient and a whole lot easier.


With the smallest storage capacity of 16GB, iPad allows users to store a lot of applications necessary for work, plus different e-books that can be used as sources needed to enhance skills and provide further knowledge for the chosen career. iBooks and other PDF file reading apps can help store and view different sources available in the internet. It’s like having your very own library in your hands!

Through the iPad’s cloud storage, employees can also organize files and other documents in it instead of jumbling them all in envelopes and folders. This can make files easy to search and so easy to handle! And the best part about this is that these files are also backed up using cloud storage.

People may go crazy about the latest offerings in the market but iPad remains the most useful and flexible tablet of all time. Furthermore, it has a record of durability that really lasts for years. Offices and businesses would greatly benefit on this gadget with its lots of features and advantages. So what are you waiting for? Grab your iPad now!