Why do we need faster broadband internet?

fastest_broadbandMany of us already well aware of entertainment and information from the internet in many aspects – so what’s the matter with that we need a faster broadband connection than we used on the same cost?

Look! Is your broadband internet fast and sufficient? Are you receiving what you’ve been paid for? Find out with any reliable Broadband Speed Check program. For precision, you may run the test a few times. While you can compare your broadband speed with other friends on different ISPs, or at different time periods of the day, so let’s see whether you’re getting the excellent performance you can have from your broadband subscription.

Well if you’re regular user of the Internet, expected that you have to spend in-between £5 to £99 per month for your broadband Internet connection. So apart from this, how much you pay, make sure are you getting all the net speed that your ISP committed you? Moreover check that does your broadband running well constantly without any trouble or requiring modem reboots?

Well! Here are some awesome suggestions to reveal the great benefits of ‘Next Generation Access’ to the faster internet and keep your broadband connection running smooth.

1. Test Your Connection Speed

A speed test software gives you a quick result of your connection’s speed to assist for detecting problems. First of all, get know how of your download and upload connection’s speed. If it’s comfortable to you, then check out the speeds at different intervals of the day, especially throughout the hours when you use the internet most often or at least once after midnight or after 2:00 a.m.

2. Check Your Modem Parameters

Have a quick look of your modem’s status screen, and then you will find such basic signal information as line attenuation and signal-to-noise ratio, to determinants of line quality.

When you’re updating the firmware, you need to check some important parameters. Let’s check the maximum speed allowed for both downloading and uploading, that match your service plan. If that didn’t, your ISP can easily be fixed by online modem parameters check.

3. Update Your Firmware or Get a New Modem

Try to get a latest and advanced version of DSL modem which support Qos to enhance your VoIP quality and online gaming speed, just need to ask your broadband service provider for a latest one.

If you’ve got a latest version of modem, make sure that you’ve installed the latest firmware.

To configure your DSL modem, you’ll have to connect to its Web interface, so you have to know the IP address of the modem connection on your local network.


4. Look for Line Quality

Furthermore, check your cable, is that in good order? And make sure your Line Quality, by means of better signal-to-noise or line attenuation.

  5. Optimize Software Settings

To configure network performance parameters in Windows’s different operating systems like XP, Vista, or Windows 7-8, we recommend TweakVI Premium and Tweak 7, TotalIdea Software’s Tweak-XP Pro Premium. Both softwares make things easier without requiring you to know hidden Windows settings or Registry editing.

6. Speed up Your Downloads

Fast downloading softwares can save a lot of time,so use a download manager program which you like the most. While FlashGet can do multiple simultaneous download tasks, and then keep the files together afterwards.

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