Why An iPad Mini Would Be The Competition’s Worst Nightmare

“Rumor has it.” Yes, for quite some time there has been chitchat about the launch of a latest version of iPad which is known as the iPad mini. The officials have confirmed the fact and thereby the enthusiasts have already started to eye on this latest range of Apple’s product. They developers have been focusing on the size of the iPad from a long time and the iPad mini is supposed to be only about 7 to 8 inch in size.

So the impending question is: will it turn out to be a product of the Competition’s nightmare?

Well, it might turn out to be so. Here are some reasons that will explain why it is going to give a tough competition to the other products currently in the market as I recently posted in my article about the new iPad Mini.



It is expected that the petite iPad mini will be offered to the aficionados at a throw away price. Thereby, it is going to give a tough competition to all other product in this range. Market survey reveals that the iPad 2 or its latest version that was available to the users at as low a price as 400 or 500 USD have already given a tough competition to all other products of the same genre that is the market of tablets. Therefore, the iPad mini which will be available to the users at a much less price is going to make its niche in the market really fast.


Reason for introduction of the iPad mini:

As far as the tablet market is concerned, Apple has received a tough competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the recent time. This product from Amazon has taken away a quite some share of the market of tablet through the introduction of a tablet at a much lesser price and having all the similar features as well. Therefore, the decision to again introduce a new and minuscule version of the tablet is Apple’s endeavor to regain its position in the market by offering a smaller product at a lesser price. Since the battle has already been declared, the competition is really going to be extremely tough.


Brand name:

There is no denying the fact that iPad from Apple has dominated the market of Tablet since the introduction of the concept and it will continue to do in the near future as well. But introduction of same range of products from the other brand might have brought back the developers from their trance and they are preparing themselves well to win the battle yet again. Thus they have taken the decision to introduce a more compact product. But one they need to need to be sure of is that they need to market this product really well and innovatively so that prospective users will be able to appreciate and invest on it as soon as it is launched.

Expected improvements:

Though the size of the display of the iPad will be reduced but the developers have ensured that the resolution of the screen of the previous version as well as new iPad mini will be same. Therefore, the iPad users can easily upgrade their product as all their favorite existing application will be compatible in the new tablet as well. Thus, the smaller product will not only be easier to handle and much user friendly but at the same time it will be the most convenient alternative as well.

Thus the developers of the renowned brand Apple is making every effort to give its competitors a tough competition to regain back its niche in the tablet market. Therefore be it the price of the product or the features they are reviewing everything carefully in accordance with the market demand so that the product becomes an instant hit and breaks all existing sales record.

With recent flaws of two of popular Apple products, the Siri and newly introduced Apple Maps, it seems the Cupertino based technology giant won’t rush the ipad mini into the market as it did with iPhone 5. But if Apple did rushed the product introduction, the recent customer bad feelings for Apple could cause the downturn of the company.

What can you say about this post, do you really think iPad Mini which is about to be introduced worth it? Please share your comment below so that we can engage each others.


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