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As whole house dehumidifiers are greater in size and cover comparatively larger area and therefore they are certainly price higher than over the counter portable dehumidifiers. On average a whole house humidifier costs, 900 to 1200 dollars, as portable ones can be obtained at only 100 to 300 dollars. Whole house units are larger and have larger compressors and fan motors and they usually use more electricity during operations. Therefore how can they be efficient as compared to the portable dehumidifier unit?

To break this myth, first of all understand how portable dehumidifier’s capacity is rated. If you have looked through the list of whole house humidifiers on any online ecommerce site, you will observe that whole house dehumidifiers have 2 capacities, i.e. Capacity at saturation and capacity at AHAM. Whole house when dehumidifiers disclose their performance at ideal humidity levels is AHAM and on the other when it close its function at maximum level of humidity is saturation. Portable dehumidifiers are meant only for saturation that makes their capacity significantly higher as compared to performance that you actually receive. At the saturation, humidity is at max and is easy to extract from air in the surroundings. Until your home is flooded, the saturation condition will never exist inside your home.

How to understand the capacity of the Portable Dehumidifiers

It is important to understand capacity of a portable dehumidifier because it actually leads to main part of this myth. In many cases portable dehumidifier can run continuously as it is very small to efficiently dehumidify everything and extract noticeably more moisture. This means that whole house unit move lots of air as well as it extract noticeably more amount of moisture. So, a whole house dehumidifier can get down the humidity level fast, and after this stop working unless humidity level increases again and then it will run shortly and then repeat if necessary. Therefore although whole house dehumidifier are bigger and uses much more energy, it can run much lesser than their portable counterparts. This table can better illustrate the difference of running expenses of a popular whole house dehumidifier and a portable dehumidifier

  Price in $ 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years Total
Portable Dehumidifier By Danby Model: DDR586R 216.74 332.44 332.44 332.44 332.44 332.44 1,878.94
Whole House Dehumidifier By
Santa Fe Classic
1,195.00 57.09 57.09 57.09 57.09 57.09 1,480.45




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