What to do with a Broken Cell Phone

There is absolutely no reason to keep broken cell phones. No matter how old your cell phone is you can get rid of it while earning some quick cash. All you will need is the serial number of the phone to begin your journey of getting money for your unused or broken cell phone. If you just throw away electronics you are polluting the earth, because they have noxious chemical in them. Even if you decide not to sell your electronics, make sure that they are disposed of properly. Do not just throw them in your garbage can!


There are lots of people that are in the business of buying use cell phones, so shop around on the internet to see who will offer you the best price for your model of cell phone. Besides broken cell phones you can get rid of used IPods, digital cameras and game consoles. Once you sell all of these you will be rewarded with cash, and a good company will provide you with compensation for purchasing the used electronics.

If you are more independent you can try to sell your used phone on craigslist or Ebay. Sometimes cutting out the middle man will get you a better price. Selling things on craigslist can be risky, so take precautions when meeting up with strangers to do any exchanges.

Sensitive information

Before getting rid of your old electronics, you want to make sure that you have gotten all of the information of them. The more advanced technology gets, the more personal information you have on phones. So wipe everything off of your phones before shipping.


The reason people want your used electronics and phones are to recycle the material of the phone or resell the phone to a new user. Electronics are made of metals that need to be mined from the Earth, so instead of mining more metals, companies will reuse the metals by melting them down then making them into something new. In a lot of cases, if your phone isn’t that old, they will sell it as used product to people who need a cheaper phone. Either way you are helping someone out or the Earth out. Most importantly, you are helping yourself out by getting some cash from the junk laying around your home. So stop letting those electronics gather dust, and try to sell them to a new home.


Mateusz is the founder of LookupExpert, a reverse cell phone lookup service.