What Technology Has To Offer Your Business

business voip VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol. This is a type of service that allows people to talk over the Internet unlike on the traditional phone       services where conversations take place over physical wires or wireless via a cell site. This works by converting the audio into small segments and sending it to the Internet as a binary code. The receiver of the message will still receive the audio message because the binary code will revert to audio message. If your Internet connection is quite slow, you will receive the message also a bit delayed. However, you do not need to worry because fast Internet connections are also available.

It is also one of the latest technologies that can serve several purposes. This technology is also widely use nowadays in different industries and businesses because of the increasing availability of Internet connection worldwide. The traditional landline can be a little costly if you are frequently talking with clients using long distance call. And sometimes, you can experience telephone line problems like choppy calls. With this new innovation, communication with people no matter how far they are, is flexible and smooth. You can use your computer and still keep the phone number you already have. Moreover, this technology has a fewer restriction than the traditional telephone services in terms of handling outgoing phone lines. It can also provide more telephone features compared to a traditional phone service.  Due to the increasing demand, there are many companies who offer this type of service. Thus it is essential to know what to look for. Here are some essential points that you should consider and think about in choosing what is best for you.

Service Packages

Service packages depending on your contract. Contract length pertains to how long your contract last. This can be in years or in months. Usually the companies give lower rates to longer contracts. International calls are also available but limited. The rate of internationals calls for business VoIP also varies. Some of the service plans also include the keep original number service. This will allow you to have your original phone number to the new VoIP system. On the other hand, the free in-network calls allow you to have free calls between your plan’s extensions. You can also have unlimited minutes feature. This will allows you to receive unlimited calling minutes for all users within the area of United States. Some company also offers customizable plans. This means that you can modify existing service plans to maximize its use for your business


One of the primary features of this new technology is the virtual phone number. Virtual phone number enables you to designate a phone number to a certain computer without the need of traditional phone line. Hunt groups is a type of queue that helps you to unevenly distribute the calls between your employees. More calls will be received by people at the top of the list than the people at the bottom of the list.  Another awesome feature is the fact that the virtual phone system offers a toll-free number. With this feature, you can include a toll free phone number along with your standard line. Some service providers also offers mobile app feature. This will enable you to take calls on your mobile device. Integration with outlook is a feature that integrates Microsoft outlook contacts.