What Problems of Privacy and Security are Associated with VPN Server?

The private network of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is considered to be a safe and reliable network providing connection through the internet. However, it has been observed that there are problems associated even with the best services of VPN. Let us consider the two aspects of the VPN service providing privacy and security.

  1. Firstly, the server network of the VPN service provider should be secure and the criminals and eavesdroppers cannot hack or sniff data and personal information from the principal server and overall configuration of the network. The user can take the permission of the VPN service provider and test the security of the network independently. In case the permission is not granted for such an important issue, then VPN service provider should be downgraded.


  1. Location of the VPN servers is the second important aspect of the service. If the location of the servers and the VPN service provider is in Europe and the United States of America, then the security of the network is considered as good as local internet service provider. However, in case if the VPN servers are not present in these cooperative regions or are somewhere on the off shore locations, then VPN provider has data retention laws applied in the same way as for any ISP.

Previously, cases have been seen involving investigation of the email provider that is encrypted. The information of the logged user was being hacked and was being delivered to the government authorities of another country. Even with all the VPN servers located in cooperative authority, the information of the user is not private and secure. It is possible because the VPN service can provide the requested logging and data to the legal authorities even on unconvincing requests. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the users of VPN to consider the location of the VPN service provider and its servers before making the final decision.

It is recommended that the VPN provider located in cooperative jurisdiction physically, but its servers are spread in non cooperative regions, such as China, Panama, Russia, then this VPN provider can offer better privacy and security. But, in order to get the best form of security and privacy, choose the VPN service provider with both the physical location and at least some of the servers being in cooperative locations. In the non cooperative regions, it is not possible to enforce the laws of data retention and it is less likely that the VPN provider will breach the stated policy to log and hand over your information, IPs or data to any authority.

The permission to check the location and security for your private network are all legal actions and there is nothing to get afraid about it. However, it is important to keep in mind that criminals can use your IDs and you may go to jail because of ID fraud. There can be many possibilities that will lead to the wrong use of your personal information with the interception of your privacy. Therefore, it is always wise to take care of your privacy without breaking any rules.