What is iManage DeskSite?

We cannot deny that applications on computers and mobile phone help very much on professional work. Using some software and applications seem to make our works and any kind of related to work will come together eventually. One of the products which could help managing the complete life cycle of professional work is iManage DeskSite. It could improve the productivity and other things that are related to work.

Learning about iManage DeskSite

iManage Worksite – DeskSite is one of the products of iManage which is the global leader in professional work product management. This product will organize and manage all the communication and content which are related to professional work and make them less complicated but more critical. If our work is facing the remorseless pressure to meet client demands, this product could help in responsiveness, productivity, and security. At the same time, it could limit some difficulties in reaching our ability to effectively and efficiently service the clients. All the communications which we gather from email messages, text messages, instant messages, and voice could be in one place. Generally, we have problems with those because they are separated from two devices, personal computer or laptop, and mobile device. We also could have documents which are stored different on attached emails, stored locally, on servers, and in the cloud. The obstacle in view them completely could disappear when we use this product. It means that it will help us to serve the clients better and give them the satisfaction.

When we use the iManage product, we will be able to manage our complete work product lifecycle easily and efficiently. Besides that, it could help in organizing our communication and content which we do with our client into secure and unified project workspace. The iManage product also will help to make us access those from any device. It means that we could do our work anywhere. Then, it will be secure but shareable for some certain people, such as our partners or clients. The benefits of using this product are that we can streamline the management of the life cycle work completely, enhance the productivity, reduce the risk, improve the responsiveness, and increase the client satisfaction.

The sub-product of iManage Desksite

The iManage product is separated into several types. One of the products of the iManage is iManage Work. It will help us in managing and access all documents, emails, and other communications in a single project-specific workspace. It could be able to be accessed from anywhere and on any device securely.

The iManage Share is similar as the extend workspace. It will allow us to put our documents on external parties and collaborators with fully integrated. Besides sharing a file, we could get large email attachment delivery tools.

iManage Insight could be the product that we need to work. This product could gain greater into client matters. At the same time, it could improve the quality of the work. Besides that, it could help in content search product and analytics across hundreds of different software systems, databases, and websites.