What is Dharma Ransomware: A Complete Guide


If we talk about the ever grooming technology we would understand that getting advanced each day is causing each one of us more issues in terms of multiple kinds of virus attacks. Dharma Ransomware is one of the biggest category based attacks that fall under encryption Ransomware Trojan that exports all the data of the computer. It has been noticed that there were many computer and server systems that had been infected by this virus.
What happens is that this virus encrypts all the stored files with asymmetric cryptography that causes all the data to be locked at our end. The Dharma Ransomware was basically directed towards the Windows users that cause many of big companies to be affected.
Let’s take an instance in which the file name rose.png, got attacked by this Dharma Ransomware then this named file’s data means the bits information and name would be changed to “rose.png.[bitcoin143@matter.com].dharma. Sometimes the variants of Dharma Ransomware prevented only if the Dharma Ransomware infection is removed from any system.

Details About Dharma Ransomware

At this moment, Our system is not safe…”
You may also get shocked to know that Dharma Ransomware can also change its name. In some of the computer, there may be reports that files are named as “skanda.exe” or in some systems you may see that the encrypted file has got there the name missing that cannot be read. Decryption key of these files is very difficult to get as they demand the payment of the ransom. These ransom note from Dharma is contained in a text file.

Working of Dharma Ransomware Attack

To analyzed security on your PC you should always be ready with all techniques to prevent one of the variants of Crysis Ransomware. Any type of variants of such attack distributes with email attachments. You should always be ready to beat the heat of this attack with a preventive anti-virus that would warn you to NOT to Open those emails. The Dharma Ransomware uses a special AES-256 encryption technique that overtakes your data and makes it inaccessible.
The Dharma Ransomware basically attacks these directories as mentioned below:

  • %UserProfile%\Desktop
  • %UserProfile%\Videos
  • %UserProfile%\Pictures
  • %UserProfile%\Documents
  • %UserProfile%\Downloads
  • %UserProfile%\Music

Know How to Deal with Such Attacks

Its always better to find some steps that help you to decrypt such attacks and commonly allow you to get your data back. The developers of Dharma Ransomware will always ask for more ransom you need to simply ignore those request because we would teach you to fight against them:

  • Make a Regular Backup of Important Data:
    One of the most important steps you could take is to back up the precious data so that you get out of this Dharma Ransomware without ransom money. Most importantly, if users developed this good habit you would never lose any meaningful data.
  • Email Attachments Proper Handling
    Prepare your browser with some anti-virus pop alert so that if any of such thing happen to you then an alert message comes up. Any of the attachment with any type of virus can be spread to the whole system.
  • Run OS in Safe Mode and Remove Dharma
    You can even run your PC in safe mode to get rid of this buzz Follow these steps:
    Step 1: For Safe Mode
    For Windows 7/ Vista/ XP
    • Click on Start>Restart>OK
    • Press F8 as you system starts again until you see “Advanced Boot Options”
    • Select “Safe Mode with Networking”

    For Windows 10 / Windows 8

    • Press the “Power” button in the login screen.
    • Press and hold Shift key and click on “Restart”.
    • Now select “Troubleshoot”,
    • Then in Advanced options go to Startup Settings and press “Restart”.
    • Once your computer becomes active, select the option of “Enable Safe Mode with Networking in Startup Settings window”.

Step 2: Remove Dharma

  • Log to infected account and start browser again.
  • Download some anti-spyware program.
  • Then update it and remove corrupted that belong to your Ransomware. This will
  • complete the process of Dharma removal.


Now you understand how Dharma Ransomware can affect the system and make your life hell. We even have covered the process to beat them. So, users can follow these given methods for the resolution. Also if you are Macintosh user, get the latest update of malware and spyware for mac


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