What are the trending Computer Security related topics?

imagesProtecting our computers is one of the tasks we should not fail to do. We should be very careful in every music, movie and game downloads we make; sometimes it contained malicious software which aim to alter and destruct your computer’s operating systems and block every anti-virus your computer has. We should also be very wary of sites where we input our personal information. Be very mindful of inputting your credit and contact numbers because these are information used by professional hackers to go into your account and make the modifications you wouldn’t want to happen.

Computer security involves the practice of preventing and protecting your computer from unauthorized persons. These will help you to stop these intruders in accessing any part of your computer, may it be your files, profiles and financial statements. These prevention measures include determination of whether an intruder was able to break in to your account and what are the alterations it has done to your computers. If you want to learn the basics of computer security, these trending topics may be of abundant help.

Proxy servers

A proxy server is computer system that acts as a medium of connection from a client asking a connection with other servers. From a different server, it serves as bridge so that files, connection, web page or other content resources can be connected and made available to a different server. Among the uses of a proxy server is to enable and speed up connection to resources and to scan leaving contents for data leak protection. It also maintains the security of the other machines and block undesired sites.


Sudo is a command program which permits users to run programs with the security advances of another user. It is mostly compatible with Unix and Unix-like computers and was written by Bob Coggeshall and Cliff Spencer. An abbreviation for “switchuser do”; it usually ask for a user password then if the configuration file is permitted, the command will run.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

This is an XML-based language between the identity provider and the service provider. An idea of the Technical Committee of the OASIS Security Services, it acts as a server and pattern for swapping data like authorization and authentication data between security domains.


There are numerous anti-virus tools available and downloadable in the internet and Avira is one of them. It is one of the most popular and extensively used antivirus software with 100 million users worldwide recorded as of September 2009. This anti-virus software was developed by a German company and made its first launching in 1988. Avira’s engine has been accredited to Ashampoo antivirus, Webroot WebWasher and Ad-Aware. Moreover, it has anti spam software for emails, blocks hackers and has a backup system to secure important data.

Port Scanner

The main job of a port scanner is to explore and search for a network host for open connections. This software application is mainly used by administrators to confirm and validate security policies of these networks.

These are just of some of the trending computer security -related topics you need to know. Now, tap those keyboard keys and search for more!

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