What Are The Most Useful Apps For Android?

The number of used smartphones on planet Earth is gradually approaching two billion. Mobile apps are with the advent of smartphones; for each of the mobile operating systems developed its ecosystem with applications designed for the features of the platform. Apps for smartphones can be downloaded or purchased at the respective store – for iOS, this is the AppStore, for Android – Google Play Store

Looking at today’s examples of mobile applications, one can note that the vast majority of them are based on the same needs of modern people. It is the need to control everything and everyone, the need for entertainment, an instant search for something.

Baby Care Application

Two devices from a Little one startup called Smart-Bottle and Smart-Peepee allow parents to control the process of feeding and the state of their children’s diapers using a mobile application. Smart-Bottle is a smart feeding bottle that can monitor the temperature of the milk it contains and track the mode of feeding a baby. Smart-Peepee is a diaper sensor that hangs on their outside and analyzes moisture levels. Both devices report the received data to the mobile application, and the parents, accordingly, receive notifications that it’s time to feed the child, to urinate, or the milk in the bottle has cooled.

Location Reminders

The “NearMinder” application is a new reminder service, which, unlike its analogs, works with reference to a geographic location. What does this mean? If the owner of the phone is close to a particular person or place with which he has some plans, the application will remind him what needs to be done. Thanks to this, it will be possible to solve problems along the way without breaking your own schedule.

Anti-Retracting Application

Modern people have become increasingly difficult to concentrate on and once again put aside the smartphone. A designer named Kang Wan came up with his own way of solving the problem by developing an application called BLACK HOLE, in this hole, the user can move any application that constantly distracts him, and then assign a time limit to work with him. If the limit of work with this application is exceeded, it will be blocked and will stop responding for some time. The user can return to the real world again

Slot Machines App for Android

The design of mobile devices makes them almost ideal for playing slots online especially on Android. Many casino apps for android available on google play store you can download quickly and choose slots to play and win some money

Application For Finding A Party Place

The uVibe P2P application allows you to find a place to party in an unfamiliar city. The service analyzes social channels and online reports the ideal places for a night’s rest, whether it be dancing, a place for dinner, or just a quiet place of rest. The procedure of choosing a place is quite interesting: you can choose not only the type of institution but also parameters such as “number of girls” or “number of boys”.

Application for Counting Calories

This app helps count calories to monitor weight and diet. One of them, Calorie Mama, in addition to standard functions, can count calories, recognizing products from photographs of dishes. The user can see both the total number of calories of a meal and its ingredients.