What are the Best Apps for Those Who Love Art?

Our lives have transformed a lot thanks to the development of technology, especially in recent years. Unlike a decade or two ago, now we have apps for everything possible, which has made our lives much easier than before. If you are a fan of technology, and an art lover at the same time, you can combine these two passions through apps and helpful sites. Thanks to smartphone apps for art lovers you can enhance your knowledge, plan trips to local art galleries, and stimulate your brain.

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The development of mobile devices has had a significant influence on the way we experience boredom. In the past, when we were going on a trip with our parents or traveling by bus or a train, our only choice was to play Tetris or Snake to pass the time. We didn’t have an extensive selection of satisfying activities to do while commuting. Luckily, nowadays we have access to an entire library of art, and a wide variety of art-related distractions, including apps for art lovers. These apps have made art more accessible. We will suggest a few apps that you should download on your smartphone that will not only enhance your knowledge but also spark creativity in your life:


If you love art, installing WikiArt on your phone is a must. It will give you instant access to one of the largest repositories of fine art on the internet. What makes this app great for art lovers is that it is the ultimate reference database. You can find more than 100,000 artworks from 2,000 artists from all over the globe. No matter if you are looking for a specific artist or a particular masterpiece, or you love looking at works from random artists, you will be delighted by this app.


If you are searching for an app that will help you discover different museums, galleries, and exhibitions, and give you all the information that you may need to enjoy your cultural experience fully, Artsy is a perfect choice. It offers more than 250,000 artworks, fairs, shows, and exhibition coverage. This app can connect you with art galleries from all over the world, and give you a chance to bid on live auctions once you find the perfect artwork.

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Magnus is another excellent app that you should have on your smartphone. It functions similar to Shazam for music. Thanks to it, you can take a photo of any artwork that you find astonishing, and the app will tell you everything you should know about it. Some of the info that you will receive include the gallery that displays the specific masterpiece, artist’s name, and the price. You can also save the image in your digital collection, or share it with your friends on social media.


Another great app that you should try if you are an art lover is ArtNow. This smartphone app is a directory of all interesting galleries and museums from all over the world. It collects the most recent photos for each gallery and museum and sorts them by artwork. It is an ideal choice if you are searching for museums that you shouldn’t miss.