Wackiest eBay Auctions

EBay is a hugely popular marketplace where individuals and companies can sell everything from Ford Mustang parts, including classic Mustang parts, to handmade jewelry. Of course, it can also be used for more unusual items. Check out these wacky and bizarre eBay auction listings!

A Sandwich Depicting the Virgin Mary

According to the seller of this item, she made a sandwich, took a bite, and then realized that a human face was staring at her. The picture the item was listed with certainly seemed to show a woman’s face, but the leap from face to Virgin Mary seems a little bit far fetched.

However, 10 years later the sandwich allegedly remained as fresh as the day that it was made, and someone was convinced enough to pay $28,000 for the privilege of owning it.

The Nasty Job of Telling Your Children there is no Santa

They always say that a good business involves identifying a problem and coming up with a solution. Many parents dread having to tell their much-loved children that Santa does not exist and they have been the victims of an elaborate, years-long lie.

This eBay listing allowed parents to pawn off that job onto an outsider, who would call up and give the children some straight-shooting honest truth.


Everyone knows that helping others gives you a boost of lovely warm feelings inside. However, there’s something a little bit odd about an eBay auction where the winner officially receives gratitude.

The lister of this auction had problems with his income as his wife had recently lost her job and so was seeking out an exchange of money for gratitude – at least he was being honest!

Sun-Dried Bees

Its difficult to see why you would want even one sun-dried bee, let alone an entire pint-jar full of them. However, if you have a desire to possess a nightmare-inducing supply of dead bees, this auction was there to fulfill your dreams.

You have to wonder at the train of thought that led this person through the process of collecting dead bees and then listing them on eBay. Where did they get them? Why did they think this was a good idea? What do they think the bees will be used for?

A Fake Girlfriend

There’s nothing quite as annoying as constant questions from friends and family about why you don’t have a girlfriend. eBay to the rescue!

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have been buying a real girlfriend, just a cunningly constructed fake. You win the bid and you are sent photographs and personalized love letters that you can display to your mother so that she stops harassing you.

Hopefully a fake breakup letter is included so that you could end the relationship when your mother asked to meet her.  Lets just hope this fake girlfriend didn’t cost more than your car’s classic Mustang parts from CJ Pony Parts.