Visual Social Content: A Growing Trend in Social Media Marketing

Effective online marketing strategies continue to evolve every day and so do the tools. If you’re not getting enough ROI from your social media campaigns, then it’s like leaving money on the table knowingly! The world has gone online through various social media platforms. Your business need to leverage the benefits of such platforms to increase your web presence. But if you’re simply thinking that posting one or two updates twice a week can help your post go viral within seconds, then you’re heading in the wrong direction. If you want to discover how to better market your business, you need to increase your visual content marketing efforts. Check out here how visual content can enable your business to create the perfect brand image and drive more traffic.

Studies have shown that more social media content containing compelling images attract more views that content without images. In fact, more than 60% of consumers are more likely to contact a business whose images appear in local search results. Recently, Pinterest become the 2nd largest driver of traffic worldwide. In 2012, You Tube passed 4 billion daily video views. So, what these stats suggest? This shows that the world is moving towards visual marketing. Your business can reach more people with visuals in your social content. So, here are some easy and clever ways to do visual marketing:

  • Visual content for every platform, every day

Businesses have multiple social media accounts to engage their customers. Every platform has different preferred image dimensions that are posted either along with content or without content. Customize your images to fit those dimension parameters. Post your images as per the daily post frequencies of different platforms.

  • Why One, when you’ve options for Many!

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow you to post multiple images in the form of an album. Multiple photo sharing is perfect for promoting events, parties, and conferences. Remember one thing in visual marketing, the more the better!

  • Make data more interesting with graphics

For industries that mostly deal with data, infographics is an amazing way to present their data. Infographics contain little text and more images & graphics that generate more interest among readers.

  • Memes or Presentations?

Memes are a hot topic right now. You can make any humorous image or video, and it will get spread over the Internet rapidly. Memes are a bit more casual than Presentations. For promoting your business more professionally, create a catchy presentation on a problem faced by your audience or share some tips. You’ll get more shares and likes if you post memes and presentations.

Imagery in social media marketing is a must, if you want your business to have a long lasting impression on customers. Hire an Internet marketing company providing professional social media services to stand out of the crowd.