Values to Sell iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy at Depend on Many Factors

You would be amazed at how much money people are willing to give you for your unwanted smartphone. This is regardless of whether you are trying to sell off either an Apple iPhone 4 or a Samsung Galaxy phone. The value of what will come out of your phone will vary according to a few key factors though.

How Big is the Hard Drive?

The first thing to see involves getting your smartphone’s hard drive under control. You can store several gigabytes of data on a device but the maximum capacity that you can handle will clearly vary by each one. Here’s an example of this:

  • When you sell iPhone 4 you can get close to $150 for a gently used 16 GB model.
  • The 32 GB edition of the same phone will be worth a little more at $200 on average.
  • You will get about $120 if your iPhone 4 only has an 8 GB hard drive.

Who is Your Carrier?

It’s also a good idea to see who the carrier for your phone may be. An interesting part of selling your iPhone or Galaxy is that you might get more or less depending on who your phone carrier is. Part of looking to sell Samsung Galaxy products may even involve looking at the specific model based on the different carriers that actually support it.

This can be especially noticeable on the iPhone. You might get $200 if you have a 32 GB phone linked to the AT&T network. However, you will end up getting closer to $120 if your phone is with the Verizon network. It is an interesting change in value that deserves to be considered.

The Quality of the Phone

You might want to watch out for what is going on with your phone. The problem with so many phones is that they can wear out over time. This could harm the resale value of your phone if you are not careful with it.

There are many things that can be factored into the resale value of your phone:

  • The physical appearance of a phone is a key point to find. The only way how a phone buyer will interpret your phone as being flawless is if that phone does not have any scratches, scuffs or other physical imperfections. It has to look as though it literally came out of the box.
  • A phone that has a clear screen, fully functioning buttons and ports without damages should be worth more than something that doesn’t work all the way.
  • Anything that has more things that came with the phone will always be worth more. This includes a phone that uses a charger, USB connector and even the manual that comes with it. You can especially get more money if you actually have the original box that came with your phone.


You have to see these considerations if you want to sell your Galaxy or iPhone 4. These are points dedicated to not only what you’ll get but also how different buyers will factor in the condition of your phone.