Using Social Networks as a Marketing Tool

Thanks to the popularity of social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, business owners and marketers now have more venues to market their brand and find potential business partners and customers through the internet. You are missing out on a lot of opportunities if you haven’t tapped in on social networks yet to market your brand. Social networks can help boost your popularity online and offline, as well as assist in establishing your brand overseas. Effective social network marketing can also serve to boost your sales and profits.hire-a-social-media-marketing-manager-to-improve-your-online-advertising-and-corporate-branding-experience


The Most Popular Social Networking Sites

There may be hundreds of social networking sites all over the world but there are a few that truly stand out. These major social networking sites include Facebook, which currently has more than one billion users, and Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. You do not have to sign up for every social network that is available but it helps if you have accounts or profiles on the major social media sites since they much more likely to be used by your market.  Here are several ways social networking sites can be used as a business marketing tool:

Establishing Your Brand Online

Besides setting up a business website, using social networks is one of the best ways to establish your brand and your online reputation. People learn about your company and your products or services when they see you on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Because major social media sites have users worldwide, using them can also help boost your international market reach, which is helpful, if your brand performs poorly overseas or if you have plans to expand globally. You can use your social media profile to spread information about your company, along with the products or services that you sell.

Free Promotion

With traditional print and TV advertising, you either have to do something exceptional or pay large sums of money for ads before the press gets around to talking about you. Through social networking sites, you can get people to notice you for free. You might have to pay for sponsored posts to reach out to more people but advertising on social networks is often voluntary. You don’t really need to spend money or pay for advertising to get people to read about you.  You can leverage on quality posts, viral videos and interesting images to get people to notice and talk about you.

Customer Service

More and more consumers now use social media to connect with businesses. They use Twitter to inquire about updates or follow up with their concerns. They may also use Facebook to leave either positive or negative feedback about their experience with a particular product or service. Accommodate your customers’ concerns and establish a reputation of excellent customer service by using your social media account to answer queries and help out customers who need product-related help.  You may also use your social networking profiles to share your official contact details, such as your email and internet fax number so customers know how to reach you easily.

Learning from your customers

You can learn a lot about the demographics of your customers by using social media. With Facebook’s analytics, for example, you get to learn where most of your fans reside. You can use this information to improve your products based on the majority of your customers’ profiles. You can also use your social networking accounts to heed to your customers’ suggestions and know your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Read through tags and hashtags to see what people say about your company and your products. Crowdsource ideas for your new promotions by knowing what your customers want and need based on their tweets, posts and comments.