Using Keywords and Keyword Phrases: SEO Tips

Everyone has different beliefs about how to do Search Engine Optimization or SEO and achieve the best results. No one knows the secret to getting high rankings on major search engines like Google because the algorithm used to determine rankings is constantly changing to reflect the evolving habits of people out there searching for information on the Internet. If you want to increase your web site’s ranking at a major search engine like Google, there are few things you can do to help you gain credibility and get more traffic to your site by getting placed higher in search engines.

One of the most commonly used methods of getting ranked higher in search engines involves keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords and keyword phrases are just words (and phrases) that specifically describe a product or service that you’re selling or displaying via your web site. If you’re trying to get higher rankings, you’ll need to do some research on the best keywords and keyword phrases to use in your web site content and articles. These keywords and phrases should specifically reflect your products and services.

Choosing the right keywords and phrases takes some finesse, but don’t worry if other web sites have the franchise on some of the one-word keywords that are raking in droves of visitors. Finding more specific keywords and phrases that can gather in a smaller number of visitors can also be valuable. When you do research about keywords and phrases to use for your web site, you’ll find that certain keywords are particularly popular, but just because people are visiting web sites ranked high for that keyword doesn’t mean that they are buying stuff from the web site. More specific keywords and phrases can be more apt to lead customers to your site who have the intention and desire to purchase your products and services.

After you’ve decided on a list of 5 to 10 keywords or phrases to use for your web site. You’ll need to write articles. The articles need to feature the keywords you’ve identified, but preferrably, the keywords should be embedded within information that is actually useful to readers. Many people do “keyword stuffing” to try to boost their rankings at search engines. Most experts agree that it is more valuable to use the keywords and phrases that you research in moderation and judiciously and embed them in content that is valuable and enjoyable for readers to read.


This guest article has been contributed by Dave, a freelance technical writer interested in antivirus software.