Learn to Undo Send Gmail Message Quickly


Have you ever faced a problem in which you have sent an email to someone else and then regret your mistake. I know many of you would have pressed send button accidentally and must have sent the email to some unknown. If you have encountered such situation and want to overcome it in future. In this blog, you would learn the method with which you can easily undo the emails or I would say undo sent mail from Gmail after 30 seconds of time lag.

One of the most used email clients is Gmail that is web-based service that majorly used for sending and receiving emails. But, sometimes there are many users that send an email to some unknown or some person to whom they realize that he/she is not a right person. So in order to recall the send email in Gmail, you can refer this article. Now, the question arises that to solve this problem do you need to undergo some typical step. So, the answer is Not at all. The all new Gmail interface even reduces some of the steps as well. There is an inbuilt feature that allows the user to undo the sent email and overcome all such circumstances.

Reasons to Undo Send the Emails

  1. Sometimes a user needs to send some confidential email that they can’t risk and sometimes a wrong person receives it because of some misunderstanding. In that case, it becomes really risky so you need to take the email back.
  2. A user has prepared complete email but forgot to attach the required document.
  3. Accidentally clicked on the send button in the middle of writing an email.
  4. A user has sent an official email without adding the subject or forgot to check some spellings.

How to Undo send Gmail After 30 Seconds Manually?

The process is quite simple in which you need to follow some of the steps that allow you to roll back the Gmail sent messages. But you need to cover them within 30 seconds. To do the same, just follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Login to your Gmail
2. After that, you need to click on the Gear icon on the top-left corner and then on Settings

3. After that, you need to click on Undo Send option in the General tab.

4. Now, you can set the Send cancellation period from 5 to 30 seconds based on your choice

5. Next, you need to scroll down the General tab page and click on the Save Changes button

After these steps are followed carefully a user can easily undo any of the send emails in their Gmail account and overcome all the situations discussed above. While sending an email to your boss you always be very conscious but now you don’t need to be because you can now easily get the emails back. As you enable this feature a message will pop-up on the top of the Gmail screen that will say UNDO. From there, a user can either choose Undo Send option or View Message option.

The pop-up will be there for the seconds that a user has mentioned in send cancellation period option. In this way, it becomes easy for the users to save themselves from such situations. However, in the same way, a user can delete a particular message also from Gmail. Thus, it will be better if a user backup Gmail account also and overcome any type of data loss situation.


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