Understanding viral media marketing

Viral marketing of any kind involves getting people to spread a message around. Normally, one may say that this is done as of one’s own accord, but pyramid schemes showed that a financial incentive may create a viral spread. Still, if you are looking in to viral media marketing then think of it as convincing people to spread your message around without any financial incentive on their part.

The incentive part

This is a factor that confuses the issue, so it is best to get it out of the way first. When creating viral content you are creating content that you want people to pass around of their own accord without any sort of financial incentive. You can do this with a threat, which is often unsuccessful, or you can hope that it appeals to a personal incentive.

Doing it with a threat is similar to chain mail. You have to send it to ten friends or you will have bad luck, and if you do send it to ten friends then you will have good luck. That is the basis of the threat idea, and as you have probably guessed it is a crap idea.

 The personal incentive

This is an incentive that a person creates on their own. The most common one is the desire to be liked. Ally this desire to be liked with the desire to appear funny, and you have yourself an incentive to pass your viral material on to others.

If you create a very funny image that also (somewhere) holds a bit of promotional information, then that has the potential to go viral. People will send it to others so that they may experience the joy they had when they first saw it. Such a thing is a way of attention seeking whilst also appearing to be selfless, which is also supposed to make the other person like you.

 Spreading your message correctly

This can be done on your blog and on other people’s blogs. You can put it on your website, your friends’ websites, associates’ websites, etc. If there are suitable directories then you can put them on there. Social media networks are okay for getting the ball rolling, and if you can find a way of people posting from email to email then all the better.

 Social media is not the only viral platform

Places to send your content all depends upon the type of viral content you create and who you want to see it and like it. For example, a few people made some very viral content of the naked Robin Thicke music video but so that it only featured on Emily Rostenkowski (yummy) and nobody else. The first place this viral content went was obviously YouTube and Daily motion. But, from there it went to websites directories such as “Top 50 hottest models”, and then it went viral on (hold on to your hats) pornography sites–remembering that Forbes said pornography sites make up almost 70% of the Internet. They also said that most of the top 500 websites are porn sites, but only 46,000 of the top million websites are porn sites (which is confusing). So, consider the fact that content even goes viral on adult websites.

 Influencers on social media

These are the people who are able to affect emotions or actions in their followers. There are not as many as online publicity hounds make out there are, but they are correct in saying that Twitter has the highest percentage of influencers than any other social media network. This is possibly due to the nature of Twitter where people actually subscribe to the comments that people make.

It is not a terrible idea to get in touch with influencers on social media and get them to distribute your viral content. It is also a good idea to do a bit of social media market saturation and post the same viral content on all of your profiles at the same time. If this also happens when your influencers post the material then you may have more of an impact.

 Viral marketing is like trying to light crude oil

It is actually very difficult to light diesel and thicker crude oils. You have to take a blowlamp to the oil in order to heat up a part of it enough to start a bigger chain reaction. Throwing a match into diesel will do nothing, and the same principles apply with viral content. Throw a little bit of viral content onto the Internet and you get very little in return. Put your viral content on as many domains and social media profiles as possible in one short sitting and your viral content has a higher chance of spreading like fire.