Types of business software you shouldn’t miss out on

More than ever, companies are turning to tech software to improve business approaches, processes and performance. Although the numbers are on the up, many companies aren’t taking advantage of digital programmes and technology advances such as the followingdespite the fact they could save them time – and money.

CRM softwareTop of the list as one of the highest priorities for businesses looking to improve their work and efficiencies using tech. Organisations of all sizes can benefit from this, as it can manage all parts of sales funnel, from leads, to final sales and upsells.

Database Database software, both online and off, is an essential tool in the day-to-day working of your business, allowing you to manage all of your contacts in one place. The right piece of CRM software will do this for you.

Accounting softwareThis comes in all guises, and can help you keep on top of managing business finances in a secure and professional way. Accounting software also helps to control invoicing, what has been paid and what is outstanding, so cash flow is taken care of.

Project managementFor many industries, efficient project management is key to success. Manage all parts of the process, including timelines, customer feedback and quality checks, as well as costings, budget management and allocation of resources. Specific industries also have their own type of software – for example manufacturing software.

Backup software Keep all of your documents and data safe. Cloud storage in particular is improving all the time, so now’s the best time to backup software.

Calendar softwareSimple but effective, calendar software keeps everyone in the know about the rest of the team’s availability, daily activity and appointments. As well as the daily management of staff members and their activities, this also gives you a good place to manage general office admin, such as holidays and birthdays.