Turn Your Mobile Phone Into a Virtual Office With These Awesome Apps

The smarter mobile phones become the more people are finding use for them. Here are five ways you can turn your smart phone into a mobile office and be on top of everything even when you’re on the go.


Keeping track of all your files can be difficult when you’re working on different computers. This is is where cloud storage comes in handy. With cloud storage, imply upload your files to the cloud and you can access that same file on all your devices, including your phone. This means that instead of moving important files to your phone or laptop, you can simply get your file right off the cloud.

Google Drive is a great app to start with. The service is free and the editors are already built into the app so you don’t have to use a different app to edit and create documents and spreadsheets. It’s also easier to upload and organize pictures and videos and the files are updated across all your devices.

Dropbox works the same way. You download the software into your computer and the app on your mobile phone, and all the changes you make on one device will apply to all your devices. You can also access your files online so you can retrieve important documents even when you’re not using your computer.


You don’t want to give away your personal mobile number to everyone, but having an extra office phone is expensive and a hassle. The Ring Central app from VoIP service provider, Ring Central lets you make and receive VoIP calls straight off your mobile phone, and it will appear as if you’re calling from your local office number.

This app also lets you retrieve voice messages and access online faxes, so you you always stay on the top of your game. It even lets users set call rules, create extensions for new users, forward specific numbers, and view call logs from anyone on your team – it’s like having an entire telephone system right at your fingertips.


If you feel you need to have some sort of planner or organizer, go for Google Calendar. The reason is because it works better with other Google products like Gmail and Google Drive. Another good thing about Google Calendar is it lets you create multiple calendars so you can separate your work from your personal schedule.

If you’re using an Android phone, you can even put a Google Calendar widget on your home screen so you can always get an overview of upcoming events.

Evernote is another useful app which can help you organize stuff on your mobile phone. It lets you sync videos, pictures, and files. It also has a complete suit of other apps like a reader and a web clipboard.

Switching between different apps is not advisable because it complicates things. The secret is to use just one and to maximize the use of your app of choice.