Top WordPress Management Services

Because of the infinite flexibility and ridiculously easy to use nature of WordPress, it should come as no surprise to anyone that most people who have one website out there running WordPress very frequently have three or more running the same platform on different properties.

And while the developers and designers behind WordPress have done everything in their power to make this platform as easy to use and administer as humanly possible right out of the box, anyone that is running multiple installations understands that it can be a real chore and task to try to keep up on everything across the board.

For that reason a number of enterprising developers have created some of the top WordPress management systems out there, helping folks to control all of the different details of each and every installation that they have in a central location – making things incredibly easy and nearly effortless when trying to handle a handful of WordPress sites or more.


Widely regarded as one of the more powerful WordPress management tools that is available today, this specific solution has been around since April 2010 – making it one of the longest standing products for this specific task. Giving you complete and total control over a broad range of WordPress installations without having to try and track down each and every change you’ve already made – or the ones that you have scheduled ahead of time – this takes all of the guesswork out of trying to administer everything in an online environment.

People absolutely go crazy over the simplicity of the ManageWP dashboard and how it interlinks with everything that you’ve already installed on any of the platforms that you’ve included to this tool, letting you control a range of features just as you would through that sites specific WordPress dashboard. Everything is incredibly clean and neat – not to mention ridiculously powerful – allowing you to post, upload, administer, moderate, backup, and even upgrade any single site – or all of them at once – with just a click of a button.

Worpit or iControlWP

A relative newcomer to the WordPress management game, Worpit has recently changed their name to iControlWP. So completely confident and comfortable in the performance of their specific platform that they offer a 30 day free trial to give you a dry test run, so to speak, with your own WordPress installations this has to be one of the most chosen WordPress management tools on the market right now.

Offering you the ability to add an unlimited amount of WordPress sites to the dashboard – something that very few other tools out there are able to boast about – you’ll find that everything is dead simple to use, tightly integrated, and amazingly extensible. Adding plug-ins, content, or backing things up is available right through the dashboard (alongside of a number of other powerful tools) allowing anyone with zero technical knowledge the ability to administer hundreds and hundreds of WordPress installations without spending any time whatsoever trying to get up to speed.


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