Top Tips and Tricks for Developing Effective Social Media Strategies – Part II

This is the concluding part of this two-part article on the Top Tips and Tricks for Developing Effective Social Media Strategies. In the Part I of this article (also available on Khalid Irfan Blog), we treated the importance of selling your media marketing vision to your top management team and we also examined the working out your organization’s social media objectives according to the SMART paradigm – Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Furthermore, we also treated the absolute necessity of working out the details of your SMART campaign objectives and we resolved the need to research existing social media platforms like linkedin, twitter and facebook to see how their thrusts align with your corporate vision. In this concluding part, we are going a little further to highlight what strategic tips and tricks to employ to make your social media campaign a very successful one.

Build a trail of followers and content:

You build followers on twitter, fans and friends on facebook, contacts on linkedin among others. The essence of this is to build credibility of these social media sites so that people naturally look forward to reading your posts and discussions, or even subscribe to your posts. The more you build a large and considerable network of followers, friends, fans and contacts among people and relevant/similar blogs, the more you can gauge public acceptance of your person and products, and the more you know how to position your company to meet organizational objectives.

Contribute to the discussion to make a name and develop contacts:

If you are using linkedin, you must constantly contribute to the discussions to be an influencer and you may also connect with these influencers to widen your network of contacts. When you also follow others on twitter and join in the discussions, you soon have a large followers base and this helps your cause to market your organization’s objectives. Participate in public forums and blogs that are relevant to your niche and move with the sharks to be relevant. Use all the media channels and explore all their functionality to your own to your own company’s advantage.

Gauge your relationships impacts on your objectives:

You need to analyze and measure the impacts of your relationships at these social media networks to be able to determine if they are working for you or not. If you are attracting the wrong kinds of followers or contacts, then you might change groups or even establish your own groups to establish your company’s objectives and cultivate the kinds of networks that are suitable to your purpose. You need to ensure that people you have developed as contacts or customers are able to directly relate with your company and products in the way that you have planned and even beyond.

Improve on your social media plan and relationships:

You should always bear in mind that you are building and cultivating personal and business relationships, in order to advance your organization’s corporate goals. In this light, you must analyze discussions and people’s opinions on your business and see how to improve on what they say or what you do in response to what they say. You must also address needs and improve confidence in your public through these online communities while all the while trying to improve on your product sales for long term profits.