Top Mobiles with Projector Schemes

Technology has taken a new turn and a new jump with the advent of a number of things in this world. We cannot deny the importance of these technologies as they have given a huge progress to the societies. These technologies have a number of advantages and their benefits are such that even a common man can experience them. Many of the technologies are not expensive. With the passage of time, each of the electronic and mobile technologies has decreased in their prices with the passage of time and with the arrival of new versions in them. This is, therefore, led to the increase n their sale and company’s progress.

There are many mobiles with latest screening options and technologies. It sounds quite unknown, a dream and is strange when you say that the mobile phones are having projector schemes as well. Previously only the projectors who were mobile could be used. At least they are portable so you can take them from one place to another. But this sounds more comfortable and classy when you don’t have to carry a projector as your mobile phone has that capability. That shows the fast nature of technology.

Top Projector Phones

It sounds quite stylish and exclusive that you take the pictures from you handset and then without delay you are able to show them on a surface with a big projected image. You can share pictures and videos at the very time, this way. There are many companies launching mobiles with projector schemes. The top and most reliable one are those mentioned here. Triband GSM/GPRS Cell Phone with touch screen is a first projector phone of the world. It has high powered features with increase its popularity.

DLP Pico Projectors

DLP Pico Projectors are built on many cell phones with a number of different and latest features. The cell phone projector features include image display from 5’ to 50’, digital built in camera, LED illumination, high resolution color touch screen, flick navigation for presentations and slideshows, a total mobile office and entertainment package, audio speakers, shiny light weight and solid design. Moreover, it has DLP Pico chipset which is a main element providing projector functions.

G5 invention

Recently, G5 has launched their projector phone with a number of latest features. It has a build in camera through with you can show the pictures and videos in G5 on a plane wall, road etc. G5 has dual SIM options, 2.4inch TFT LCD display with resolution of 240×360. It has a 2.0 mega pixels camera, FM radio, MP3 player and all the other features of a regular perfect and classy phone.  It has Bluetooth and video player and MP4 as well. Over all it has a good sale and as a projector phone, it is at top in popularity and sale.

China Mobiles Q9

China mobiles are not far behind when it comes to top phones with projectors. China mobile Q9, a projector mobile with TV is a top brand in projector phones. It has number of features. Mostly comes in grey color. It has 2.4 inch screen, 761K memory, 0.8 Mega Pixel camera, Bluetooth and the latest MP3 and MP4 player. These and all the other features make it a reasonable brand to purchase with projectors.

Intex, Spice and TechBerry have also launched their projector phone which is quite successful. Intex V. Show has 20,000 hours projector play time possible. Spice Popkorn has a built in projector and a TV.

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