Top Five WordPress plugin for AdSense 2014

Plugins make our lives online easier. Thanks to these, WordPress users can now execute tasks seamlessly and more effectively. Site owners can estimate promotion presentations, choose where ads should be posted on their website and even alter themes or colours. This can also help maximize their earnings, especially if they’re using Google AdSense.

However, to gain profit and build an online income through AdSense, users should know how to manage their plugins properly. To help attract visitors to these ads and earn income from them, here are the top five WordPress plugins that you can use:


GARD, or Google AdSense for Responsive Design, lets you place asynchronous or responsive Google AdSense on your site’s content. It’s really easy to use: type in your AdSense ID, tick the boxes and you now have a responsive ad campaign. It also allows you to customise the look and feel of your ads, thanks to its custom CSS styling.

GARD is ideal for beginner and advanced users. It’s easy to set up – roughly under two minutes – and it works on all devices (desktops, mobile and tablet PCs). Whatever device your web visitors are using, they’ll be getting the right-sized ad every time.

2. Ad Rotate

Ad Rotate allows you to take full control of scheduling ads on your website. Aside from this, you can also let advertisers choose when to post their adverts. Just create a series of schedules – even multiple ones – and you’re done. Precise, up-to-the-minute reports are also sent to you to keep you in the loop.

Ad Rotate also notifies you about an advertisement’s performance, upcoming ad expirations and software updates. The best thing is that it suits any size ad on your webpage.

3. Ad Injection

Ad Injection helps you effectively blend and place ads around your site or blog. This also allows you to restrict an IP address, who can see an advert or a visitor referrer. The number of advertisements can also be controlled based on the length of a post. It also features a “disable advert” option when you’re logged in as an administrator.

Ad Injection is a great plugin since it helps you change an ad’s position when needed. It makes sure that adverts are well-positioned within a site’s content.

4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense lets you set the parameters of adverts being displayed on your webpage. Choose colour schemes, layout, ad units on your page and the overall look. Its targeting options also helps advertisers reach their target audience through your site. This gives your users a better browsing experience while you earn revenue.

Google Adsense is still the most popular WordPress plugin to date. It keeps your website ad-friendly while keeping its content intact.

5. Eli’s WordCents adSense Widget with Analytics

Eli’s WordCents uses a widget to help your website earn. Add the widget on your browser’s sidebar to show all the ads on your page. It also lets you customize AdSense analytics to efficiently manage all of your site’s featured adverts.

Eli’s WordCents’ new pop-out display mode adds more flexibility when organizing ads on your site. It’s a really simple, yet, effective plugin for WordPress and AdSense.

We hope that these WordPress plugins will be useful for your website. Pick the best one, manage them properly and start seeing an increase in your online revenue today.