Top 5 Online Education Sites

With the creation of the internet, a whole new world of information was available to anyone with an internet connection. This was a revolutionary feat, and a huge step forward for human progress. Now, if you were curious about something, then all you need to do is type into a search engine and find what you need. Just like that, a few clicks of the mouse and a whole plethora of information is at your fingertips. Online, there are hundreds of thousands of educational and informational websites available, but there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest.



1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization, which has the goal of providing a free, extensive resource for anyone who wants to know and learn about anything. The site is completely free and offers information and educational lessons on nearly every subject known to man, as well as across all education levels (from children to adults.) Their biggest and most popular feature of the website, is the online video collection, which offers information in digestible and simple ways.


2. BBC Learning

The British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) has always been a great resource for education and information, and the same goes for their website. The website is primarily geared towards children, aged 5-18, but there is information for everyone. The site boasts more than 9,000 educational and informational videos, as well as thousands upon thousands of articles and interactive applications. A portion of the site is dedicated to adult and advanced learning, so it is not all about the kids at the BBC Learning site.


3. Primary Resources

This site is geared for children, and is a great resource for them. The site design looks a little out-dated and on the tacky side, but the information and lesson plans contained within are pure gold. The lessons are easy to understand, informative and, most importantly, informative. They offer lesson plans and education activities about every imaginable subject for children.


4. Jorum

Jorum is a great resource, although the site design tends to not be the easiest to navigate. Because of the more sophisticated design, it seems as if the educational resources contained within the site are more for adults and advanced learners, rather than children. But, the site does in fact have many resources for children, and is by far the most technology advanced site of the ones mentioned on this list. The site also offers some unique collaborative lesson plans.


5. Top Marks

Top Marks is a great resource of education and information for children and budding students. The site is well known for the various educational games they provide through the site, which educate and entertain at the same time: a key ingredient for any educational website that hopes to be successful. The site offers dozens and dozens of subjects, and thousands of lesson plans, games, videos and articles. The site also offers a section for parents, which provides information on how parents can make learning fun at home, without the use of a computer.

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