Top 5 iPhone and iPad Security Apps

Our smartphones have almost become extensions of ourselves. We use them while we eat; we use them on our morning and evening commute; we even use them in the bathroom.

Everything we do online, we can do from our phones. And while our phones have unquestionably made our lives easier, every time we use them we’re putting our privacy at risk.  If our phones are storing all this personal and sensitive data, what happens when we lose them—or worse, when they’re stolen?

You can’t always prevent losing your phone, but you can prevent someone from stealing your personal information with these security apps.

1. Find My iPhone

We all lose our phones from time to time. Whether you lose it in between to couch cushions or at an old friend’s house it mute; being able to zero-in on our phone and find its exact coordinates is much-needed service.

Find My iPhone is a cloud-based service, so you’ll need to download the app in order to use it. Whenever you can’t find your phone, just open any Internet browser and log on to iCloud to track your phone’s exact whereabouts. Don’t leave home without this one.


2. Private Photo Vault

You’ve heard the horror stories about how people can hack into your phone and steal your photos, right? A celebrity photo scandal made headlines last year when hackers released the private—and often intimate—photos of hundreds of celebrities by snagging their photos through a massive iCloud breach.

With Private Photo Vault, you never have to worry about your photos falling into the wrong hands. This app uses locks your photos away, and the only person with the right pin code can access them. There’s also a break-in report function that automatically takes the photo of someone when they’re trying to access your phone and locks onto their GPS coordinates. How’s that for instant justice?


3.Password Manager

How many different passwords do you use? Do you use the same password for multiple sites? If so, you’re putting your privacy at risk. Password Manager takes the hassle of remembering 40 different passwords so by storing them in one secure space.

This nifty app keeps all your various passwords for you, so you don’t have to reset your password every time you want to log into a site. When you need to log in to a specific site, this app remembers your password for you. Best of all, it uses 256-bit encryption to help keep your passwords safe.


4.Duo Mobile

Now that you’re able to store your passwords in a safe place, it’s time to make your passwords even more secure. Duo Mobile works by generating random passcodes and automating a two-factor service to make your logins even more secure.

It takes minutes to set up and the iPad interface is simple and easy to use. This app goes great with Password Manager.



Finally, the last security you need in your privacy arsenal is ExpressVPN. A VPN, or virtual private network, helps you bypass location restrictions and adds an extra layer of security to your Internet connection. When you connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice, websites think you’re in that country. Your actual IP address is hidden and the content you couldn’t access before instantly becomes available.

One of the best things about ExpressVPN is that it’s incredibly easy to set up. The iPad and iPhone interfaces are simple and elegant, and there are more than 100 server locations around the world.


With these 5 apps, you’ll be well underway to protecting yourself against online threats. Just don’t drop your iPad in the toilet; No app can fix that little snafu. At least not yet.