Top 5 Easy-to-Use Measurement Conversion Websites

Boman Rustom IraniWhen online and loaded with dimension or weight unit problems to solve, drop by these 5 best online unit conversion sites. They’re easy, fast, and fun to use. Just fill in the blanks, click for an answer, and get accurate results. These and other reasons make them the top 5 easy-to-use measurement conversion websites.




Visiting this website shows users a very simple presentation. One sees two images on top (an electronic measuring gadget and a protractor) and a list of 14 options of conversions directly below. They range from length, weight, volume, mass, temperature, and speed, to power, pressure, and currency conversions, to name a few.


It’s so easy to use. Simply choose what unit is required for conversion, click on it, and one finds a page for quick measure computations. Fill in the empty boxes with the needed figures, click on the selections in the lists directly below the boxes, and out comes the results fast.


One sees nothing else on the site except what’s needed for converting weights and measures, plus short cut links on the sidebar. No wonder it’s among the 5 best online unit conversion sites.


Unit Conversion


This one’s without the dash between “Unit” and “Conversion.” On getting to the site, the user needs to download the conversion tool. Directly below that is a list of common converters, from distances and lengths, and weights and masses, to force and velocity and data storage conversions, among other things. The download presents two long search boxes where one types in figures for changing into certain units of measure. Below the boxes are two lists of different units.


The user simply has to click on the desired units and the results are found on a box under the lists. As simple and fast as A,B,C. The user need not compute for anything. After giving the figures, final results are released in an instant. It’s worth considering in the top 5 easy-to-use measurement conversion websites.


Unit Converter


This site works pretty much like Unit Conversion. There is a long list of common converters on the homepage. Click an option, like say “distances and lengths” and the user is brought to a page where a long list of units is headed by the word “Meter.” Beside that is a search box. Type any figure in the box and different results from exameter to fentometer to the “sun’s radius” immediately appear in the column of result boxes directly opposite the units. The long list contains 92 unit options in all. Speaking of a comprehensive conversion result.


Unit Converters


The website gives a lot of choices all at once as the user lands on the homepage. One finds everything needed right on the front page: aside from common converters, there are other converters like engineering, electricity, heat, magnetism, fluids, and radiology, to name a few. The website also makes use of two long search boxes where the user types in figures for changing into different unit options. Click the options and there appear in a split-second results in various units on the opposite box.


It’s definitely easy to use and is user-friendly even for kids and teens.


Online Conversion


An attractive yet easy to use site, it simplifies converting hundreds of types of measures. The user can deal with one type of measure to another one, all belonging to the same category of measurement. It’s as simple as this: select a category, type in the figures, opt for a unit and unit result, then see how fast the result is delivered in no time. No doubt it deserves a place in the 5 best online unit conversion sites.


For efficient and fun unit computations, always opt for the top 5 easy-to-use measurement conversion websites above.


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