Top 3 Internet Service Providers in the Philippines


As rumors of Australian telecommunications provider Telstra entering the Philippine market continue to spread, people are becoming optimistic about getting a faster and more reliable internet connection. The leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Philippines appear unperturbed through all this and continue with their services amid complaints from customers about their availability, speed, and customer service.

Telstra is still in talks with San Miguel Corporation as its potential partner but nothing final has come into fruition as of now. And while everything seems bleak with regards to our country’s internet speed as of the moment, this article provides the top 3 fastest internet providers in the Philippines based on customer reviews and popularity. Customer service reviews are also added because fast internet connection is not the only basis for choosing a good ISP. Note that internet speeds may vary depending on your location.


Globe provides one of the fastest internet connections in the country, with their Globe Tattoo Torque plan that provides up to 100 megabytes per second (MBps). This is available in selected areas in the country, including the provinces, major cities, and Metro Manila. They also have postpaid and prepaid data plans that provide consumable and unlimited data packages to customers.

This year, Globe strictly enforced the Fair Use Policy, the data cap that prevents heavy users from taking up so much of their bandwidth. If the 1GB per day or 3GB per month ceiling is reached, the customer will experience a slower internet connection.

Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)

PLDT myDSL provides a reliable internet connection at 384 KBps for their Plan 999 and provides up to 5MBps for PHP 5,000.00. Their PLDT Home Fibr runs on fiber-optic technology, the world’s fastest medium for broadband. The speed can reach up to 200 MBps at PHP 20,000.00.

Customer reviews online are talking about the unreliability of PLDT’s customer service, in that their manpower can’t keep up with their fast-increasing number of customers. Given that they provide a reliable and cheaper connection, as well as their growing popularity with PLDT myDSL, more people want to subscribe.


SkyCable internet provides different types of internet and cable plans. SkyBroadband is the internet service that they offer, providing their customers with cable and internet in one. They now offer consumable, unlimited, and high-speed internet. Their Plan 5MBps offers a 15GB monthly data cap and provides 1.5MBps unlimited internet for only PHP 1,199.00.

Skycable is gaining a lot of good reviews due to their fast installation and good customer service, in comparison to other bigger ISP reviews that includes the lack of manpower in providing faster and better installation, repair, and disconnection services.

Philippines recently ranked one of the lowest on internet speed, according to a survey from, running only with 3.7 MBPs average internet download speed. Singapore ranked the highest, with 133.1MBps. We are indeed far behind internet reliability and speed, and can only hope for a big change that will challenge the Philippine telco market very soon.


  1. I am a Sky Broadband subscriber. Contrary to what was written here, their customer service sucks. It is impossible to talk to any of their customer service representative. No one will answer your call if you try to call them. We are supposed to be assigned a concierge but my concierge doesn’t reply at all even if you send him a text message or call him. If you have a problem with your internet, good luck with that because you cannot talk to anyone from Sky. This is the reason why I am searching the internet looking for a better ISP.

    • Me, If you find another ISP provider I’d be interested in knowing who.I am looking for another ISP. Sky Broadband is very slow and I just read there is a limit. I thought on their advertising it said unlimited? Go figure.

  2. I don’t agree with UR SKYCABLE recommendation, yes they were fast with installation only, but they have the worst customer service
    the hotline is not working, the emails were not answered nor resolved at all. SKYCABLE IS WORST

  3. Well I guess PLDT, GLOBE, BayanTel or even SKYCABLE is not fast, reliable and trustworthy when it comes to service provider. But what and which is the worst Internet Provider here in Philippines? You still need to spend more money and still you will get slow service and connection. Not to mention they continues to deceive its subscribers by promising high speed internet and the bandwidth internet connection that has hidden caps and rules. Does any of them teach you about the usage of your internet? No, right? Did they ever explain how many MBPS you can use everyday if you got the 15MBPS monthly? Either of them never explain that because they always deceive their subscribers through and through. One more thing, here is the worst from PLDT …. PLDT resorts in order to sell their useless and deceiving internet connection. Even their service agreement forces you to agree that their minimum offered speed is 256Kbps and that they will not be held liable if your connection is faulty. A full blown bull shit. Tell me if those are false statement …. I have read alot of stories from different social media site and not to mention I am one of those PLDT subscribers for more than a year.


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