Tmart Mini auto Car Fresh Air Purifier/ Oxygen Bar Ionizer Review

It is not just about driving an expensive car but also maintaining it. Again it is not just the mechanics of the car that needs to be taken care of but also the ambience inside it. Here is a product that is made to make your car smell better.  This air purifier does not get mixed with the bad smell in the car which may occur due to various reasons but removes the bad odour itself. It produces ozone that helps remove the odour. It also produces anion and eliminates the peculiar smell. Anion is also known to have beneficial effect on the human health. It reduces cough and sneezes. It also works wonders on asthma which is again a very severe respiratory problem. Anion also forces sterilization of air and thus helps in reducing asthmatic tendencies in a person suffering from the said ailment. Thus this product is definitely a wise choice; better than any other product available.

Here we have listed the features that make this air purifier a customer’s choice—

  • Removes bad smell instantly
  • Produces ozone that eliminates the bad odour
  • Produces anion which is called the ‘vitamin of air’
  • Anion has medicinal values and treats illnesses like cough and sneeze and also sever problems like asthma
  • Is beneficial to human health
  • Suitable for all 12V car power
  • Direct insertion the portfire, the blue lamp bright denote enter the work stage

This product is also plug and use which makes it a user friendly commodity. The working voltage of the air purifier is + 12V. The ozone density that this ionizer produces is 3mg/h while the anion density produced is >=60million/ CM3. The operating current of this product is <60 MA. If you think it’s time to take a step beyond the regular and try out something better then Mini Auto Car Air Fresheners or Purifier / Oxygen Bar Ionizer Blue is definitely the choicest product for you.