Tips to Use Your iPhone as a USB Flash Drive

imagesImportance of USB flashes drive:

The flash drivers normally have become one of the most popular and well known means of the storing and also transferring the data between two technical derivers or between computers, particularly as amount of the storage space on the side of drives hold on to grow large and lager with the passage of time. On the other hand, flash drive breakdowns are not rare and can be particularly devastating in that case if you are rely on the driver towards hold entire of the drive that extend its own life expectation and also keep your entire data safe.

Use your own iPhone as USB drive:

While the iPhone has large data storage capacity and it does not approach with the storage features and file transfer similar to iPods. In that case if you utilize the iPhone that you are likely towards have this along with you the majority of the time then making it as ideal gadget as possible in which for the store files. Different applications allow you to use the part of iPhone’s memory as external hard derive. We can see that the use of iPhone is most common in these current days and all users also use it as a USB flash derives. They allow you to access the empty storage space of iPhone and then save the files in the side of it.

Things you will necessitate:

  • iPhone
  • The Computer along with the Internet access

Tips to use the iPhone as USB flash:

  • If you want to use your iPhone as a USB flash then you should understand the entire function of it and also well known that how to use it.
  • First of all tap the icon of “app store” that which consists of the circle through letter A in this, as of the menu of iPhone.
  • Next tap the “search” at bottom of screen at your iPhone and tap the entire letters on iPhone towards enter name of the application so as to allow you to use your own iPhone as flash drive, like as USB Disk and Briefcase.
  • You should remember that there are some of the applications accessible meant for the free downloads. Press circular button of iPhone to turn back towards iPhone main menu.
  • You will connect your own iPhone towards your personal computer utilizing the wirelessly and cable USB through Bluetooth.
  • Next you will open the folder of computer on your own iPhone otherwise open the folder of iPhone on your computer. It is depending upon your application that you use.
  • Furthermore, navigate to location of file that you wish to store on your iPhone set and select it towards save.
  • Now, you would have to disconnect your handset or iPhone from the side of your computer. In that case if you wish to shift file to computer in future then simply connect to your iPhone towards your computer and then transfer file to your computer.

You can see that these details of by means of each application can be differed. At that time when you will download the specific application then it typically includes the guide.  You should follow the some of the instructions in guide intend for your personal particular application.

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