Three Ways to Use Social Media Video to Drive Website Traffic

Social media videos can be used in several ways to attract the attention of internet users and increase traffic to your own website. Here are the three most productive methods for using social media videos in promoting a business on the internet.

1. Utilizing Social Media Video Sites

Developing videos that showcase your business and uploading them to sites like YouTube not only attracts the attention of those internet users who specifically search the YouTube site but also shows up in the results of various search engines when internet users search the entire web for specific topics. Be sure to include keyword optimized tags in your video uploads to YouTube as well as strategically targeted and keyword optimized video titles for the best results.

2. Posting Videos on Your Own Website

Take advantage of the ability to upload useful videos to your own website. These can be hosted on your website or redirected links to videos you post on sites like YouTube. Either way, well developed and well targeted videos on your website will help increase search engine visibility in general and will specifically attract the attention of internet users who are performing more focused searches for videos. In either case, you increase the probability that your website will be found by a larger percentage of your business demographic.

3. Sharing Videos Via Social Media Sites

 Any videos you post on your own website or on social media video sharing sites can also be part of your other social media marketing strategies. You always have a question in your mind that how to get more facebook likes? by Share links to those videos on your Facebook page. Include links to videos periodically in your Tweets on Twitter. Links to videos can also be shared in your social media forum posts or can be included as permanent links in your social media profile on various sites, including LinkedIn and other professional networking sites.


Optimizing for Results

 Any video you post, regardless of what social media utility you utilize, should be appropriately optimized for search engine results ranking. To increase the odds of internet users finding your video, you’ll need to include SEO tags in the video, optimize the title of the video, and write an SEO description for the video as well, which will show up next to the video link and thumbnail image on any site and in search engine results.

Developing Relevant Videos

Poor or misleading marketing methods can backfire on you. In other words, it’s not enough to simply post videos to the web.  You must ensure that those you do develop and share are truly relevant to your target demographic. Create videos that will be useful for users and that are really engaging. The more relevant the video the more likely viewers are to follow any backlinks to your website or explore your webpages in an effort to gain even more useful information.

Helpful Videos VS Ads

While online commercials certainly have their place, the kinds of videos that drive the most website traffic are those that provide internet users with robust and relevant information. Most people who search the internet for videos are looking for instructional help on completing a specific task or project. Video ads can generate some traffic, but by far, helpful, instructional videos generate more.

Increasing Website Conversion with Video

If you’re able to provide internet users with the information they need, they will be more likely to explore your website to see what else is available. The more useful the videos you share through social media, the more likely website visitors will be to purchase services from you or pay for access to fee-based content on your website.