Three Eye-Popping SEO Tools Even My Cat Would Rely On

The Internet Marketing industry is constantly evolving. Looking at the updates that Google comes up with in addition to Panda and Penguin, there are more than 500 algorithm updates happening around the year. It will not be very common for you to see a sudden drop in your organic rankings, even though you are sure that you are innocent. For major companies, they have an in-house team or an appointed SEO agency to take care of this. For smaller brands, it is a major concern as they don’t have big budgets to spend during such a disaster.

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Regardless of the fact that you are a small brand or an amateur SEO expert, you always have help available from special intelligence. So, the next time when you see that your rankings have dropped dramatically, you will have rescue available on your desktop itself. Who knows, you could actually be able to sort out the problem yourself! Given below are the 3 tools which are sure to be every SEO campaign’s delight.

 Screaming Frog

The search engines’ spiders should be given signals as to what a particular web page is all about. For this purpose, one needs to know the basic elements of the web page. The best way is to figure out what has been implemented and what not. And Screaming Frog helps you exactly in figuring out the same.

Image 2nd Screaming Frog

How it works?? You simply need to download this free tool. Once done, you will need to enter the URL of the page that you want to check and hit start. On doing this, the application will run the process and track the various elements of that particular page. All these elements are displayed in their individual tabs. The data pulled out by the Screaming Frog tool are marked in the image below.

Image 3rd Screaming Frog

It is recommended to run a test on a regular basis as it will help in tracking any performance issue that might have struck on your site. If there is not issue, it is still recommended to be on the safer side.

 Ahrefs Tool

 This one is a highly sophisticated tool with loads and loads of features bundled up. An exciting SEO and link analysis tool. It gives you a data rich overview of an enormous number of backlinks, domains, IP’s, the location of the domains, the graph of links, anchors and domains. More detailed analysis is also available on other tabs.

Image4th Ahref

Let us take an example of one of its features, “Backlink Analysis”

 Baclink Analysis

 Enter any URL and you will get all of the backlinks info ever needed by an SEO.

Image 5th Backlinks Analys

The summary provided here gives us the total backlinks, referring IP’s, referring pages, referring domains and the types of domains. Also it includes the types of backlinks. The subsequent tabs also allow you to explore the new links, lost links, anchor text and many others.

I have only scratched the surface to show how amazing this tool is. It is absolutely user-friendly. It is quite convenient to move through the website and the volume of available data is mind-boggling. If you are looking for a feature which you can’t find anywhere, you will definitely find it here.


Many webmasters find the link building task a little bit tiring. You have laid down a link building strategy, now the next thing to come up is following up on the same. There has to be a tool which ensures link building efficiency and increase the amount of links that we could achieve.

You have got the answer, in the form of Buzzstream. This tool helps you in identifying those sites from which you could request links, making the whole process manual and more efficient.

Image 6th Buzzstream

The Buzzmarker in Buzzstream can swiftly help in identifying link building prospects and present the contact information and website information. Buzzmarker saves a lot of time rather than manually spending minutes and hours in gathering the contact information of the link building prospects. There is a variety of things that is displayed on your dashboard including Page-Rank, date found, contact status, type of link, to name a few.

Buzzstream also manages the communication between the application and the website’s owners or writers. The communication monitoring helps in building a relationship over the time. All the sent link requests are catalogued by Buzzstream which could be found easily later.

Image 7th Buzz Tream 2Buzzstream has a backlink checker which runs each week to check out if you have achieved links from the requests that you have sent out. This information is again given on the contact dashboard, making it easy to make out which link have you received. In addition to these, there are a lot of other features in Buzzstream which are sure to make you blow a whistle.

If one sits down to write, a whole book will not be enough to describe SEO tools, and how they could help us. I know we have mentioned only 3 out of them. However, as far as I believe, these 3 tools will cover most part of your SEO Analysis and I could swear by them. Hope you will use the same tools and let us know your experience with the same. Also, if there are some additional tools you would like to add to the list, you are always welcome.

Author Bio: Sanket Patel – Main Operator at BlurbPoint Media, A Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Advance SEO. Heading a team of 100+ digital marketers and responsible for the ROI of more than 110+ clients. Fond of online research and contribute fruitful stuff on internet.