Things That Make Samsung Galaxy S4 A Smart Choice

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a latest smartphone manufactured by Samsung. This smartphone has become very popular because of its dynamic features and stunning look. It is better than its predecessor Galaxy S3.

Below are discussed the details about one of the most popular smartphone of Galaxy series i.e. Galaxy S4 manufactured by Samsung.

Lighter, prettier, faster and sleeker than its predecessor: – Galaxy S4 is lighter and sleeker than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S3. The thickness of Samsung Galaxy S4 is .31 inches while the thickness of S3 is .34 inches. Galaxy S4 is also 0.1 ounces lighter than Galaxy S3. Galaxy S4 is one of the prettiest smartphone of recent times which is available in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4

With a 5 inch screen, Galaxy S4 making it the prettiest and clearest display on the smartphone market with the help of Super AMOLED HD display which is of 441ppi that is completed with  firm and flourishing Gorilla Glass 3. Galaxy S4 has a body of plastic that gives a sturdier feeling to the owner. This smartphone contains 1.9 GHz Quad-Core or 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor depending on the model. It also has 2GB of RAM. These things make it faster than other smartphones and its predecessor.

Good Storage Capacity & Battery Life:

Good storage capacity and battery lifeDepending on various models of Samsung Galaxy S4, it gives 64, 32 or 16 GB or internal storage space with a micro SD slot that supports up to 64 GB of additional external storage. A 2,600 mAh battery will give power to its processor and display. The battery is also better than its predecessor as Galaxy S3 has a 2,100 mAh battery.

An improved Camera:

One of the strongest features of Samsung Galaxy S4 is its improved and new camera. This smartphone contains a 13 mega pixel rear camera and a 2 mega pixel front facing camera. The resolution and clarity of the pictures are very impressive. The camera also has a high speed shutter which will help you to use some features like drama shot, which is used to create a collage of some photos in a single photo.

The front camera of S4 allows for some features like dual shot. Galaxy S4 also has dual video call feature where front and rear camera combines to create split-screen display at the time of video calling. There is also a feature named Cinema Photo which allows the user to select a part of an image to move while the rest of the image remains still. A selective eraser is also there to solve all the photobomb problems.

Lots Of Features:

This phone uses the Android Jelly Beans (4.2.2) latest version as its operating system. As this operating system is very popular, you will be able to see many features in your Galaxy S4. Eye Scroll is a very good feature of Samsung Galaxy S4. This feature will track the eye movement of the user as the screen will scroll down intuitively at the time of reading. Smart Pause is another smart feature of this smartphone. In this feature, if you look away from the video, it will pause. Many other features are there like Knox, S Translate, and S Voice Drive.

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