The Ultimate Growth Strategy for Success in Your Career (for Women)

Women who actively pursue their careers don’t have it easy. They are predominantly met with a vast array of challenges and responsibilities imposed by society. The average woman across the globe is required to have a stable career, look after the family, maintain a household and ensure love and care stemming from the course of her maternal nature. Most women are compelled, if not willing, to fulfill in their lives.

It’s challenging for the women that are career-oriented. As more and more women are increasingly motivated to stay out of the home and make their careers an equally large priority. This calls for an effective growth strategy for success in their careers. A remarkable example of this is Anu Deshpande.

Anu Deshpande is a Silicon Valley-based Investment Banker and investor. She is widely recognized as being Silicon Valley’s “it girl” when it comes to working with and advising startups. She has also kick-started a globally recognized video series “Tech Talk With Anu”, where she invites top CEOs, CFOs and finance experts. “Tech Talk With Anu Deshpande” explores important insights and first-hand advice from some of the greatest minds in the world. It is an absolute treat for every business enthusiast.

She benefits from incredible work experience in a career operating in internet services and software industry. She also has extensive experience with PR and communications, consumer brands, partnerships, etc. Deshpande is a stellar example of a worker bee who has planned her career path and embraced success along the way. The “Tech Talk” series is yet another example of this unstoppable Silicon Valley “it girl”.

Anu’s career has revolved around working with companies in different sectors and her tenacity in the world of finance has always kept her at the top of her game. She has lived an interesting life as a wife, a mother, a professional, and it’s safe to mention that she is nothing shy of a brand herself.