The Two Facets of Tablets

Nowadays, tablets of different sizes offering various features are selling like hotcakes in the market. The reason why tablets are in demand lately is because consumers try to utilize tablets as substitutes for personal computers or laptops in terms of its mobility, functionality, and most importantly, its handiness.

Electronic brands are now coming up with their own versions of tablets, thereby making its present day value cheaper as compared to the first time tablets were released.


Tablets in the Workplace

One of the many reasons why tablets are a hit is because of its convenience. Aside from the entertainment value that it brings, it can also save time and effort since they can be used for getting errands done like paying bills and buying things through the various mobile applications they support. Tablets can also help you work wherever you may be in the world through office support apps like document readers and Microsoft Office, making management of a virtual office through this device a breeze.

ABM conducted a study and surveyed executive managers in the corporate setting. Four out of five respondents said that tablets are essential. However, less than half of the respondents said that they have other means of gahtering information or accomplishing a task. Tablet influx emerged roughly three years ago but its usefulness in an establishment, business or enterprise just gets stronger each day that people realize its power and value. As IT professionals are working to keep up with the influx of tablets in the workplace, employees are getting along with the trend of bringing their own devices to work. On the other hand, one of, if not the most sought after tablet in the market today, Apple’s iPad has proven to be just as useful as a laptop and just as entertaining as any other game console. Following this would showcase the other side of the iPad which most gaming enthusiasts and hobbyists appreciate.

Magic in iPads

I bet you will all be glad to know that the iPad can finally showcase the impressive Magic: The Gathering series, starting with Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. Optimized since its last iteration, its debut on Apple’s tablet is good news for every Magic fan. But, what are the downsides to a digitized version of Magic?

Arguably, if you have been playing Magic for a while, one of the biggest drawbacks is the sense of community from playing the game with friends. It does feel like a step backwards to digitize the experience, as Magic 2013 contains no chat system – a feature that can make anything from a [party] poker game to a raid in World of Warcraft a less lonely and dehumanized experience. Online multiplayer (1v1, at least) is something you will enjoy in Magic 2013, but it might be interesting to see people use their iPads in person to play against each other, or even to build decks and discuss them, as the building tools provide a quick way to test-run a deck or a particular theory in a Magic environment without the hassle of finding or even buying the cards required to set it all up.

Interestingly, rare cards will also not be as stressful, as you’ll simply be buying them as downloadable content, rather than skimming through eBay search results for cards that are priced somewhat high, which can frustrate players who simply want to play a good game of Magic at a reasonable price. It is also under ten dollars for the full game – multiple decks, hundreds of cards, a full game setup, AI, and so on. Will it beat being around some friends, decks, and hunkering down for an evening of throwing down the cards and celebrating victories and mourning losses? Probably not, but a Magic fan’s got to do something on a long flight.