The Trouble with Mobile Phones

We are now equipped with a myriad of tools for corporate communication that help businesses make sure that they are capable of offering their customers the best service that will help foster lasting relationships. By creating these relationships, companies are somewhat assured of their customers’ loyalty.

One of the greatest revolutions we have had in the realm of communication is the mobile phone. It has proven to be one of the best supplements of any business. Thanks to mobile phones, business owners and employees now have the added mobility and flexibility required for better work practices. Add the rise of business VoIP, such as the service RingCentral provides, any smartphone can be turned into a phone that is dedicated to business. With its positive aspects come a slew of negative ones and they present business owners with new challenges that need to be overcome. One way to be prepared for any potential inconveniences is to first be aware of what they are. Here are some of the more common problems associated with mobile phone use in organizations and how to fix or prevent them.

Fragility of mobile phones

When mobile phones first came out, they were large and sturdy, capable of surviving multiple falls and getting abused in general. The smartphones we have these days, if the iPhone 5 is of any indicator, are much more fragile and can be, as some photos prove, easily bent just by sitting on it. The leading smartphones cost a pretty penny and it could be a great expense to replace or repair them. Luckily, there are some ways to prevent them from physical damage. These are: phone cases and wrist straps. They will help by giving the phone shock absorbers and preventing them from falling to the ground.


A smartphone is basically a regular mobile phone when it is not connected to the internet, whether through a Wi-Fi hotspot or a data plan for WAP. Data plans have been known to cost a bit more and most companies prefer that their employees connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. Though these hotspots are fairly common, there are still some areas without them. This could be a potential problem but can be easily remedied by subscribing to a more affordable and reliable 3G plan.

Battery life

With older mobile phones that had the most basic features such as calling and text messaging, battery life was never really a problem since there were no other functions that ate into the battery’s power. With newer smartphones that have numerous functions, the battery is drained much faster especially when it is connected to the internet constantly. This can lead to a dead phone in the middle of the day which could lead to loss of productivity. One way to solve this is by using a portable mobile phone charger. Unlike typical chargers for mobile phones, it does not need to be plugged into an outlet to charge the device. Instead, it is charged beforehand and is already fully-powered before use. This prevents the need for turning off the mobile phone, keeping business continuous.