The Raging Battle of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III

The Raging Battle of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III

Know the Current Stance of the Two Smartphones Here!

In the United Kingdom, statistics from June says that iPhone 4S is still the most popular smartphone. Notwithstanding this amazing feat, should Apple be worried now that Samsung’s latest brainchild- the Galaxy S III – is closing the sales gap between it and the mighty Apple iPhone? That, we are going to find out as you read on.

True to its promise, the coming of the Samsung Galaxy S III to the smartphone industry is the single threat that is capable of making the iPhone 4S stumble in its tracks. Although the iPhone 4S still accounted for nearly a fifth of all mobile phone sales, the records show that it has already declined from a quarter in March.

Network operators in UK gave anecdotal evidence that S III is clearly garnering fans since its release, but they also dismiss its success as a gap-stopper to their excitement over the rumored coming of a new iOS operating system and a new iPhone device- the iPhone 5! Rumor mills speak of the coming of either in the fall.

The data from the network operators said that the S III is actually faring well, especially since it got approximately 18 percent of the market in the first week of June. Expectedly, the sales of S III also had a huge effect on the sales of its predecessor, the SII. S III sent it falling from 9% of all devices to 6% in the middle of June.

But this is definitely not bad news for Samsung: If the combined sales of Samsung for this year are taken into consideration, it will surely out dress Apple in its garb of magnificence. In fact, Samsung stands 30% above Apple. The data includes the popular model tablet like the Galaxy Note and phones like the Ace.

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