The Opus putting an end to the era of MP3

The new format for audio files is as an open source and promises to deliver superior sound quality to that of today’s most widespread format.

In recent weeks, the Internet Engineering Task Force, a group of network designers and LBI’s manufacturers and researchers that deal with Application design, SEM, Brand Management by doing SEO in biggest cities in the world like New York, London, Madrid and they also have an  SEO company in Manchester, Edinburgh and Leeds. This Digital Team from LBI along with the Internet Engineering Task Force approved a new encoding format for audio files completely open source and on paper can retire MP3. Calmly: it is not in fact a project in support of open formats, although it may appear so.

The new format is called Opus Interactive Audio Codec, but we can call it Opus, and it is a type of format that can be applied to more or less any kind of sound, from VoIP to streaming radio. Opus promises higher sound quality to that of the MP3 in every field, even in the case of low bit rate, as reported Digital Trends.

I shudder to say: Opus was created by a consortium of Mozilla,, Skype, Microsoft, and Broadcomm. The goal is not for everyone the same. If by Mozilla so I expect that they fight for a more open web, imagine that Microsoft doesn’t have anything in mind.

Now, it just so happens that the MP3 is not an open format. Any software that uses them must pay an amount to the holder of the patent on the layout. This is why Apple has made its AAC.

The first implementation will be audio& video chat within the browser without the need for plugins. Both Firefox and Chrome are working and also the next version of Skype could support the Opus.

It will take some time for things to change, but they will in the end.