The Only iPhone Game That Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol

One of the best apps to lower bad cholesterol may surprise you. It’s not a weight watching app, it’s not one of those apps that helps you watch what you eat, and it’s not even advertised as an app that can improve your health, but it boasts a number of health benefits all the same.

Ziggurat, from Action Button Entertainment, was actually designed by a vegetarian marathon runner with your physical health in mind. The fast paced game is specifically designed to speed up pulse rates in order to lower bad cholesterol.

Everything about the game is designed around helping the player to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The game’s portability and the fact that it usually ends in only a few moments ensure that you are able to maintain an active lifestyle as a gamer, playing a mobile game in short doses rather than being forced to sit in front of your PC or television screen for hours on end.

If the science sounds a little far-fetched, there are plenty of studies to back up the link between improved heart rates and video games:

However, the sedentary nature and long playtimes of video games usually outweigh the benefits of the heightened heart rates that people experience while playing. In shortening the average playtime and encouraging the player to stay active through its mobile, pick-up-and-play nature, Ziggurat manages to provide all of the health benefits of gaming with none of the negatives.

When you’re sitting on the bus or waiting in line, there’s not a lot that you can do to keep your heart rate up and stay healthy. These are periods where you’re basically stuck doing something non-physical. Ziggurat offers an alternative to sitting still and doing nothing in those long stretches: Beating your cholesterol.

It’s not a full body workout, but it does get your pulse going and can be seen as a workout for your heart in that sense if you take only five, ten minutes a day to enjoy the game when you would otherwise be sitting stagnant.

Until now, very few games had allowed players to actually improve their health while playing. Outside of exercise and dancing games, in fact, this approach to game design was almost non-existent. Ziggurat marks the first of the next generation of apps: Games that can actually improve your health and lower your cholesterol by keeping your heart rate up when you would otherwise be sitting stationary.


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