The HTC One Vs Sony Xperia Z – Which Screen Is Better?

 The HTC One is a rather crucial phone for HTC. They delivered some excellent smartphones in the market in 2012, but still came out unprofitable through the year. Sony has released the Xperia Z, a cracking phone right up the top of the market to rival HTC One. Increasingly, we are interested in the display quality of our smartphones. The experience that we receive on the little screen has a massive impact on how we enjoy movies, browsing, and even day to day use. So, how do these two top-of-the-market flagship phones stack up on the display experience?


Both screens have full HD and are 1080P displays. The HTC One is a 4.7 inch full HD 1080P display with an amazing 468 pixels per inch density. The Sony has a slightly bigger screen at 5 inches, which has 443 pixels per inch. It’s very difficult to see any difference in screen quality between the two, although the HTC One does win on the pixel density by 25 pixels per inch.

With regards to viewing angles, it is a very different race.

Viewing angles

The HTC One performs much better than the Xperia when viewing from extreme angles. The viewing range at angles of the HTC One is broader and the colours are deeper. Both phones are extremely impressive, but the HTC One performs better when viewed from extreme angles.


The HTC One goes for a realistic look, whereas, the Xperia Z opts for increased saturation and vibrancy. These represent very different display philosophies and mean each has their relative merits for different uses. This also means that each will appeal to a different segment of the buying market

The Xperia Z might be better if you are looking at really imposing pictures and graphic-rich movies, whereas, perhaps the HTC will be better for general use, viewing pictures, and watching TV.

The screen preference is therefore somewhat down to the main use and subjective choice between realism and vibrancy.

Next Generation Screens

Both screens are next generation, cutting edge releases, delivering top-end visuals at amazing levels of clarity. But on this front, the HTC 1 is the winner. It appears to be the leading display on the market at the moment, and is very hard to beat by any of the other brands.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Factor

It will be interesting to see how the Samsung Galaxy S3 stacks up against the HTC One when it is released in March or April of this year. We are expecting a top-notch screen from the Galaxy S4 as well.

We are living through a very exciting era in smart phone development. Everything is getting better and better. The screens are now about as good as they can get without going 3D. Some manufacturers are even calling their screens 2.5D. Dual screens are coming, and the future may bring projection and 3D.

If you are looking for a phone that brings a decent viewing experience to the table, then either would be suitable. You are more likely to choose one of the other based on your aesthetic preferences.

Phil Turner has had a pay as you go phone ever since his first phone, a Nokia 402, but is looking at a few phones on contract having worked out that the contract deal works out less than buying the phone outright does.